Green Building Rating Tools – Info Session

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Certification Task Group seeks input on Green Building rating tools

The desire to obtain internationally recognized green building certifications has clearly increased significantly over the last couple of years.   Investors and Developers of all building types have taken action to earn a certification or, at least, made serious inquiries to the RoGBC or its members on how to achieve a certification.

The RoGBC provides support for the green building rating schemes supported by the World Green Building Council. The two most prominent on the Romanian market are the LEED rating tool and BREEAM.   Recently, we have seen the addition of a project targeting the German Sustainable Building Council’s DGNB building certification. It is our belief that all are valuable tools to promote sustainable construction and that our best service to our members will be to facilitate the highest levels of achievement in these systems.

We have chosen to support more than one rating tool simply because 1) each are very useful and effective tools ans 2) each has relevance and popularity with different investors, companies, building types, industries, etc. and 3) we, as an organization, feel we can add valuable assistance to projects regardless of the rating tool chosen.

The RoGBC Certification Task Group is seeking member company representatives to assist us in ensuring that these rating tools continue to develop and improve their relevance for the Romanian market.     Representatives would have a place on the Certification Task Group – under the direction of RoGBC Director Gabriel Hyde – and can be involved in sub-task groups related to specific rating tools (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, etc.) as appropriate.

Volunteers should be willing to commit a minimum of 10 hours per month of assistance and be familiar (or be willing to quickly get familiar) with the rating tools described above.

The RoGBC Certification Task Group will hold an information session on March 7 at 3pm at the RoGBC office.

The items of discussion include:

– Certification Task Group objectives – proposals and group feedback
– Working with specific Rating Tools – LEED, BREEAM, and DGNB
– Next Steps

Please send an email to indicating your interest in participating or call our office for more details.

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