Financing Guide for installing Renewable Energy Solutions – available

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There are two modalities of financing:

1. Direct financing (apply for funds directly to the Environment Fund Administration)

  • it is open for: companies, territorial units (local public authorities), and educational institutions
  • level of financing: companies – 40% for the companies in Bucharest-Ilfov region, 50% for the rest; projects should not have a larger value than 250.000 RON; territorial units, educational institutions – 60% level of financing, projects should not have a larger value than 300.000 RON
  • total budget available for direct financing – 120 Million RON
  • First financing session for 2009 – 1-28 November 2008

2. Indirect financing ( applied through authorized installers)

  • available for individuals
  • level of financing – 90%; projects should not have a larger value than 25.000 RON
  • the request for financing by the individual should be handed out to one authorized installer; the installer should validate the request and only based on this validation the beneficiary (physical person) will have access to financing

Becoming an authorized installer:

  • the session for submitting all the required documents to the Environment Fund Administration – 1-28 November 2008
  • key eligibility criteria – art. 19 from the guide; requiring status of having  CAEN Code 432 and the necessity of offering 3 years of guarantee for the products delivered and installed
  • all the requests of authorization are evaluated by an “Evaluation Committee” from the Environment Fund Administration
  • the amount of financing allocated for each installer will be decided by the “Evaluation Committee” based on the amount requested by each installer and the total budget allocated (400 Million RON for 2009)

The guide for financing is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at


Protected: Suggested measures to improve the market share of Renewable Energy Sources in Romania

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Protected: Call for Papers – Energy Efficiency in Buildings Conference

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Protected: RoGBC Logo for General Members

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New associate member

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We are proud to announce the first recipient of this type of membership…  Adrian Pop is enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Technical University of Cluj.   Adrian has assisted us in recent months with identifying appropriate green building research for our roll out of our “Green Building Knowledge Sharing Community” platform and represented the RoGBC and assisted with logistics for the WWF’s “Climate Caravan” event in Cluj.    Adrian has done such a good job we have asked him to assist us further in a part-time position with the Council.

Welcome to the RoGBC!

– Steve

RoGBC Associate Memberships for academics

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Full time students and professors are eligible to become an “associate member” of the RoGBC by providing 80 hours of service to the RoGBC in exchange for a one year membership.   We have identified and will continue to identify projects useful for meeting the RoGBC and our member companies’ objectives.  Members can suggest projects we should include in this initiative.

The procedure:

– submit a resume/CV

– submit a cover describing your intentions for joining the RoGBC, what you feel you could contribute to the council, and on which types of projects you would like to work.

Below are two sample 80 hour projects that will satisfy the requirements to become an associate member….  The work must be suitable for publishing, include the latest available technologies and/or techniques in green building,  and needs to include 80 hours of new effort… not republishing existing work.   This work result must also be action oriented… not just a theoretical exploration.

Expenses can be reimbursed but will be decided on a case by case basis.

Project 1

– Review BREEAM and LEED standards for offices
– Create an inventory of “green construction related courses” throughout Romania’s Universities, Research Institutions, Training Companies, etc.
– Provide analysis on the suitability of each course toward the latest green standards
– Provide recommendations for how the RoGBC can best promote sustainable construction working with Romanian Universities

Project 2 (can be one or two people…it could be, for example, a business student with an architectural professor or student)

Purpose – Provide analysis to promote green products, materials, technology,

– Choose  a subject area (e.g. Green Roofs, Energy Efficient Lighting, GeoThermal application in Buildings, Integration of Traditional Building Styles with Modern Applications, etc.)
– Prepare a paper that describes the market and economic opportunities, employment opportunities, barriers, expected results, existing and projected installations, existing government funding, desired government funding, recommended approach.

Please send questions and/or your resume and CV to

Thank you for your interest.

Steven Borncamp, Romania Green Building Council

The RoGBC welcomes new members

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Two new companies have recently joined the RoGBC: URSA as Founding Member and Pelican Com as General Member. The RoGBC now counts 29 members, of which 24 are Founding Members.

Don’t forget to use the corresponding RoGBC (Founding) Member logo for your communication and marketing materials and link it to the Council’s website.

More good news regarding the subventions on renewable solutions

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The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development made an initial presentation about the subventions that the state will provide to individuals for installing renewable solutions. Briefly Summarized:

  • the whole program is named “Casa Verde” (Green Homes) and the initial budget will be 520 Million RON out of which 400 Million RON is directed to individuals.
  • the financing is 90% of the cost of the project but it can not be more than 25.000 RON
  • the procedure for obtaining the money by individuals seems very simple – the beneficiary should forward a folder that includes very simple to obtain/prepare documents ( ID, property documents and a declaration of his/her willingness to accept the project) to an authorized installer that should accept and validate the project
  • the money will not be directly received by the beneficiary (physical persons) but will be reimbursed to the authorized installer after the project is implemented
  • the list with authorized installers should be available to the public by 20th of December – on the websites of the Authority for Environment Fund and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
  • the physical persons should be able to receive the subventions starting with the 5th of January 2009
  • the “Green Homes” program is an annual one and it will be developed each year between 5th of January – 5th of December

The program is also available for companies but there the procedure is different (no information yet) and the financing should be around 60% of the cost of the project and not more than 300.000 RON.

In order to find additional information such as…

– what are the criteria for having a project accepted and validated by the authorized installer

– what is the procedure for companies to receive funding

– what is the accepted duration of a project a.s.o

…we will have to wait for the financing guide to be released. We’ll keep you updated of course.

The whole speech of the Minister can be viewed here.


Protected: Subventions for introducing renewable solutions into buildings

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4 Companies joined us as General Members!

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As we have previously announced, four companies joined us as General Members in the past two weeks:  S.P.A. Inovations, Gardiner & Theobald, B23T International Architectural Services and Pipe Design.

The RoGBC now counts 27 members, of which 23 are Founding Members.

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