The RoGBC and the US Embassy brought Copenhagen to Bucharest for an hour

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How would you comment if someone told you that a 38% energy consumption reduction in a huge office building would pay back in 3.1 years? What if this statement came from US experts that were present at the Copenhagen summit? And what would you say if that building was the Empire State Building? This was one of the most exciting aspects of the presentations held during the fully booked Green Café /webinar hosted by the RoGBC, in collaboration with the US Embassy.

The session, which was transmitted via Internet from the US Center at the Copenhagen conference, discussed vital examples of “low-hanging fruit” mitigation opportunities that can be undertaken at cost savings by building owners and occupants.

Panelists represented ESCOs, Green Building NGOs, building supply and technology companies, and addressed leading technologies and examples of green buildings, obstacles to implementation, and best ways forward in implementing energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings.

Have a look at a slide presentation accompanying one of the talks here.

Discussions before and after the webinar

Moving forward with our green building project

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Plans for the RoGBC’s high performance, multi-purpose green building continued as member companies gathered to hear updates and provide input at an information session on Wednesday. Steve Borncamp provided an update for the RoGBC’s project. The aim for the project includes developing an exemplary building that the RoGBC will use as its office, exhibition and training space for green building solutions, a library for sustainable construction, and a reading room and café open to the public. Space will be made available for auxiliary offices and meeting facilities that our members will be able to use according to their needs. An offer of office space for incubating new green tech businesses would be included in the design and strategic plan.

Fara nume

Hannes Guddat of soap architektur GbR, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the many design and technology options available for sustainable buildings and his experience with demonstration projects. He explained their work with the Technical University of Darmstadt award-winning “Solar House” and a “Plus Energy Home” demonstration building whose energy efficiency and green energy production created a net-positive contribution of energy.

Further meetings will be announced on our website, this blog, and in our members’ newsletter. Next steps include solicitations from member companies for project planning guidance and completion of the next version of the project description document.

RoGBC Green Cafe – Urbanization and Adaptive Reuse

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The August edition of the RoGBC Green Cafe ended with unanimous laughter as Jaime Lerner, a Brazilian mayor sang the “Sustainability song” during his presentation on reinventing the urban system in his native city, Curitiba. “The city is not the problem, the city is the solution”, said Lerner in his TED Conference presentation that the Green Cafe participants watched and discussed.   A provocative thought that would motivate the discussions around “urbanization and adaptive reuse”, which was the main topic of this month’s meeting.

“Every city in the world can be improved in less than three years” argued Jaime Lerner. “This is not a matter of scale, it is not a question of financial resources” he added, before expressing his strong belief that “every problem in a city has to have its own equation of co-responsibility.” To explain this position, Lerner listed some of the most significant factors in achieving success, by presenting his work for restructuring the city of Curitiba.

While selecting important experience tools from his presentation, the participants described some of the obstacles that Romania crosses whenever it faces a changing agent willing to take action in the urban space. The lack of education, the very high level of beaurocracy and the lack of measures that would be specifically adequate to the Romanian environment were only some of the arguments the participants presented.

The discussion had a solid optimistic foundation that was set by another short movie, called “Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands”. The educational documentary presenting the successful transformation of the Borneo docks and Sporenburg of Amsterdam into residential neighborhoods set a striking positive example of intelligent adaptation of the city to the needs of its inhabitants. Discussing the possibilities for Romania, the participants agreed that there is a constant need to adapt innovation and creativity to the local environment specificity.

Green Cafe-Sustainable Architecture: Photos and Impressions

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Last Thursday we hosted the first RoGBC Green Cafe, on the topic of Sustainable Architecture, with all seats filled by enthusiastic professionals exploring ways to change the construction industry towards a greener profile.

As previously announced, the Cafe started with the movie “Last Call for Planet Earth” – which presented interviews with 12 leading architects across the world, who share their vision on architecture that respects nature, give examples of successful green projects, technologies used, challenges and solutions. Afterwards, Florin Dobrescu (Stardome) gave a presentation on sustainable architecture and introduced the concept of passive, modular homes and geodesic domes.

Brandon Weidenfeller (Epstein Architecture & Engineering) moderated the discussions that followed. The attendees expressed their opinion on how to present the concept of green buildings in order to make it more “catchy” to the public. Another discussion point was the challenges the architects face in promoting green buildings/ green building concepts to the other parties (RE developer, beneficiary, etc.). Everybody agreed that this slowdown period caused by the global crisis is a good opportunity to study green construction principles and techniques, as the future of the construction industry will rely more on the quality of the buildings, rather than on the quantity of units produced.

As they say, “Let’s not waste a perfectly good crisis!“.

We were very glad to see your interest in the topic and your involvement in the discussions. We also hope that you enjoyed the movie, the popcorn, the wine and the networking opportunities, .

Photos from the event are available here. Or, you can view them as slideshow here.

Please feel free to send us your feedback, as well as suggestions for improving future events.


RoGBC Green Cafe – Sustainable Architecture

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The Romania Green Building Council is pleased to organize and host a “RoGBC Green Cafe”. We will view a film on sustainable architecture which includes a series of interviews with world renown architects discussing green architecture.   This will be followed by moderated discussions among the participants and a networking/cocktail session. Seats are limited to 25 persons with preference given to RoGBC members  then opened to the general public on 2 December. In order to register please fill in the attached Registration Form, and send it to

Who: Participants from all construction disciplines are invited.

When: 11 December 2008 – 4pm Where: The RoGBC office  (download directions & map)

Cost: This event is free

Cristina Siu

Registration Form

LATER EDIT: As of December 9 10, the number of seats available is 2. The event is now fully booked.

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