International Launch at Consense, 19th of June – Stuttgart

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The European platform for green building practitioners

A project strongly supported by Europe to develop a green economy   

 Construction 21 is a social media tool and platform specifically designed to drive ambitious, trans formative improvement in how we design, build, and operate our buildings; linked also. This specialized platform is supported by Europe’s most influential Green Building Councils, trade associations and leading academic institutions. Available to the public since March 2012, Construction21 will be officially presented to international press and professionals in Consense, 19-20th of June – Stuttgart.

Buildings have typically been a conservative industry seeing only incremental changes in past decades. The recognition of resource constraints and the understanding of the significant impact our buildings have on our environment has been driving significant change in the building industry.

Achieve European objectives for energy efficiency and CO2 emissions supposes a complete change in building practices.  Construction21 is born to help practitioners to develop a new way of building in the whole Europe.

Construction21’s heart is a database for:

  • case studies presenting the most innovative projects through Europe
  • products and innovative services that have been used within these performant buildings
  • news – events agenda and information flow on green building issues, coming from partner websites and the whole Construction21 community

 Construction21 members have the possibility to

  • Publish news about their sustainable initiatives
  • Comment on published articles
  • Participate within thematic communities
  • Publish case studies and make their innovations known at an international scale
  • Share researches and experiences within their own community
  • Be up to date with the latest industry news
  • Promote their company with a direct link to their website

A national and international information system

Construction21 has created the first multi-specialist and multi-lingual network on sustainable building in Europe.

  • Six national platforms in 2012France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Romania
  • The 27 European countries within 5 years
  • Construction 21 is a free and open platform , linked to BUILDUP, the European portal for energy efficiency in buildings,  best content showing in both platforms as well as on all other Construction21 platforms assuring them an European audience

Construction21, a clear benefit for everyone

  • engineers,
  • architects,
  • owners,
  • developers,
  • contractors, builders,
  • asset / facility managers,
  • legal professionals,
  • Energy auditors,
  • manufacturers,
  • consultants,
  • rating tool and product verifiers,
  • associations,
  • researchers, trainers,teachers,
  • government officials…

Nobody masters all the topics involved in sustainable building. To improve their practices, specialists of each field share researches and experiences within their own community, managed by an expert of the sector. Air tightness, energy performance management, life cycle analysis, sustainable urbanism… Construction21 covers all the fields, technical as general or managerial ones. More over, communities can lead “real life” events as fairs, conferences or visits, or give them more visibility.

Construction21 is developed in co-ownership by leading institutions in each countryto ensure strong roots in their respective building sectors : Green Building Councils in Germany and Romania, Chambers of commerce and Building trade associations in Italy, French, German and Spanish expert organisations and School of Architecture in Lithuania.

On sustainable building, practitioners need high quality and seamless information There’s so many topics to deal with and valuable information is so scarce. That’s why national and leader experts organizations are called to join forces, in order to make this sustainable building resources center a reality. That’s why they will share the Construction21 governance and ownership.

Organizations from the six founder countries, France, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Romania and Spain, have joined in a Consortium to create Construction21, Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) being the platform’s Romanian Partner.

More details about Construction 21 here, Details about Consense here .


WWF and RoGBC are celebrating Earth Hour

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The Romania Green Building Council joins the WWF in celebrating Earth Hour, the largest event dedicated to raising awareness about the environment.

Rating Green Buildings – 4th March 2010

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Founder member of the RoGBC, WSP Group SRL, is hosting a complementary briefing to RoGBC members where the various aspects of certifying a “Green Building” will be discussed.

In addition to presentations and interactive sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to question members of WSP’s green buildings design and assessment team over lunch.

For further details and booking information please visit

*Note: Seats are limited, so please book in advance.

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