Financial Mechanisms for encouraging energy efficiency in buildings – initiative of the Legislative Outreach Task Force

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In the context of:

  • the need for Member States to draft and submit their new National Energy Efficiency Action Plans to the European Commission by 30 of June 2011
  • the need for Member States to submit  to the European Commission a List with measures, including those of financial nature, for supporting the implementation of the objectives of  the EPBD2 Directive (Directive 2010/31/CE) regarding energy performance of buildings – by 30 of June 2011

The RoGBC organized on the 12th of May 2011 a half day workshop to discuss existing financial measures for supporting sustainability in construction (with a focus on energy efficiency in buildings, from the private sector perspective).  The discussions were also organized around new financial mechanisms that could be considered.  Participants at the event included representatives from the banking sector, investors and real estate developers, academia, public authorities and providers of materials and solutions for buildings.  The discussions were organized in two working group:  A). Existing financial measures and B) New mechanisms that could be considered

The results of this feedback are structured in the following report as follows:

  • Financial Mechanisms for encouraging energy efficiency in buildings in Romania – includes the conclusions of the workshop RoGBC organized on the 12th of May
  •   Annex 1 with more information on the Green Mortgage financial mechanism proposed and developed by RoGBC
  •   Annex 2 includes a review of the existing financial instruments implemented in different countries in Europe. The material was created by the World GBC Europe Network based on the information gathered from the Green Building Councils active in Europe including Romania.

The documents were submitted to the representatives of relevant public institutions: Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment, Ministry of  Regional Development and Tourism, Ministry of Environement and Forestry, National Bank of Romania, Commission of Public Administration and Environment from the Chamber of Deputies from the Romanian Parliament.

RoGBC thanks to all the participants in the workshop for their inputs and contributions. We will keep you updated with any developments on this!

Anca Bieru

More good news regarding the subventions on renewable solutions

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The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development made an initial presentation about the subventions that the state will provide to individuals for installing renewable solutions. Briefly Summarized:

  • the whole program is named “Casa Verde” (Green Homes) and the initial budget will be 520 Million RON out of which 400 Million RON is directed to individuals.
  • the financing is 90% of the cost of the project but it can not be more than 25.000 RON
  • the procedure for obtaining the money by individuals seems very simple – the beneficiary should forward a folder that includes very simple to obtain/prepare documents ( ID, property documents and a declaration of his/her willingness to accept the project) to an authorized installer that should accept and validate the project
  • the money will not be directly received by the beneficiary (physical persons) but will be reimbursed to the authorized installer after the project is implemented
  • the list with authorized installers should be available to the public by 20th of December – on the websites of the Authority for Environment Fund and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
  • the physical persons should be able to receive the subventions starting with the 5th of January 2009
  • the “Green Homes” program is an annual one and it will be developed each year between 5th of January – 5th of December

The program is also available for companies but there the procedure is different (no information yet) and the financing should be around 60% of the cost of the project and not more than 300.000 RON.

In order to find additional information such as…

– what are the criteria for having a project accepted and validated by the authorized installer

– what is the procedure for companies to receive funding

– what is the accepted duration of a project a.s.o

…we will have to wait for the financing guide to be released. We’ll keep you updated of course.

The whole speech of the Minister can be viewed here.


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