ecoBiblioteca – the new RoGBC Director of Projects will join the ecoBiblioteca team as co-Director

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EcoBiblioteca 16aug2012Dear green builders,

I wanted to extend a welcome to our recent addition to the Romania Green Building Council team, Mr. Paul Lannoye.   Paul will serve as our Director of Projects and joining Mr. Dragos Riti as co-Director of our ecoBiblioteca project.   Paul is a highly experienced real estate and construction professional with significant experience in Romania and on exemplary projects.    His participation “in house” at the RoGBC will provide us some needed resource hours as we make the final construction push for ecoBiblioteca.

Paul can be reached at and +40720 449 139.

Paul L and Steve B


ecoBiblioteca March Update

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In the last meeting that took place in late February at RoGBC headquarters, it was establish what needs to be done to finalize the MEP project for the ecoBiblioteca project according to the new changes in the RoGBC design team.

As you know from previous posts, the ecoBiblioteca project will implement, for the first time in Romania (and in Europe) the Living Building Challenge ecological certification, which is the most accurate system for ecological building certification existing in the world. To be eligible for certification, Living Building Challenge requires that the building should be, between others prerequisites, a zero energy building – that means a very high performance envelope of the building and most energy efficient MEP systems and equipments.

According to the technical MEP project, designed by CUNDALL, the RoGBC member JETRUN, provided on the ecoBiblioteca project high performance equipment for heating system and for ventilation system, respecting Living Building Challenge requirements:

– the heating generation design system will be provided by VITASTAL, using a heating pump with borehole soil to water collection. Also, Vitastal will provide expertise in Net Zero Energy prerogative requested by Living Building Challenge certification.

– the distribution of the heating agent and the ventilation ducts will be provided by Thermaflex with duct that respect Living Building Challenge material prerogative.

– The heating system will be with CLINA radiant surfaces at low temperatures (max 30 C) through the ceiling. The design, consultancy and material would be provided by PROMAX Engineering – CLINA Romanian representatives.

– The lighting system design by B-lighting and the fixtures are be provided by our partners OSRAM.

The coordination of mechanical and electrical installation, as well as the implementation on site would be provided by our recent member DAS ENGINEERING GRUP, through its representative dipl eng Alexandra Stoica.

ecobiblioteca - membri martie 2013

ecoBiblioteca project – HVAC equipment provided by JETRUN

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EcoBiblioteca 16aug2012

The ecoBiblioteca project implement, for the first time in Romania (and in Europe) the  Living Building Challenge ecological certification, which is the most accurate system for ecological building certification existing in the world. To be eligible for certification, Living Building Challenge require that the building should be a high energy performance building with energy efficient equipments.

According to the technical MEP project, designed by CUNDALL, the RoGBC member, JETRUN provided on the ecoBiblioteca project high performance equipment for heating system and for ventilation system, respectig Living Building Challenge requirements:

– the WOLF brine/water heat-pump equipment (BWS-1-16) with accessories;

– the high efficiency WOLF heat-exchanger (CWL 400) with accessories. (the recovering energy rate is 95%)

more about JETRUN you can find here.


more about ecoBiblioteca you can find here.

Photo Christmas party 2012

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We are very pleased to present photos from the Christmas party of the Romania Green Building Council dated December 13, 2012 held at the PZP architecture. Thank you to all who were present. We wish you Merry Christmas and a Sustainable New Year!

Romania Green Building Council – Christmas Party 2012

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As it became a tradition every year, on December 13 Romania Green Building Council  organized the RoGBC holiday party dedicated to members, partners and friends.

This year the party was organized at  PZP Arhitectura HQ – one of the most recent members of the council.

All members, partners and friends of the RoGBC were invited to take part in the event! While enjoying a glass of wine and tasting seasonal goodies, the RoGBC team gave a short summary of the pilot projects developed so far:

– Building Greener Schools campaign and it’s winner – Calnic Middle School that will benefit of a green renovation. The partners of the campaign up to date are: AECOM, Aquarius Grup, CEMS Tehnologii, Cofely Romania, Greenitiative, Saint Gobain, Tassullo. Also, an appeal was initiated to all partners of the organization interested to take part in this project and support sustainable education.

– Renovation project of the RoGBC office – pahse two developed with the help of PZP Arhitectura

– Works status for the ecobiblioteca project

And for all these achievements, Santa Claus sent a gift, ecological of course!, to the Steven Borncamp – President of the RoGBC. The gift, a wooden tie, was made of recovered wood from a windows factory in Targu Mures.

The wonderful Christmas holiday atmosphere was created also by the sound of Christmas carols, Christmas tree and raffle gifts prepared by Greenitiative to support eco – education all Romania’s schools

EcoBiblioteca – a zero water consumption building

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In order to address Living Building Challenge’s Water Petal, EcoBiblioteca has to reach a zero water level of extraction from public utilities. The water management concept regarding EcoBiblioteca assures that the water needed for daily use is taken from unconventional sources :

  • Groundwater, extracted from well has been tested and proven to be healthy – used as potable water source;
  • Rainwater / Stormwater – collected from the roof and used for non-drinking purposes;
  • Blackwater (water used by lavatories and toilet) – treated and re-used inside the same system.

This innovative MEP project is signed by CUNDALL, Romania Green Building Council Gold Member, through the work of Engineers David Clark and Vassilios Giannakos.

EcoBiblioteca project is using Magnesium Oxyde and PIR Structural Insulated Panles provided by Ozone Homes

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As EcoBiblioteca project is pursuing the sustainable certification system Living Building Challenge, the renovated building of the library must reach a zero energy consumption level used for heating and cooling the indoor air. Therefore, having a highly thermal-efficient building envelope  is essential. But, in order to maintain the traditional look of the façade, the designers chose to clad it in horizontal wood planks. So, in order to support this additional weight, the insulated panels must also have rigid properties.

Most of the structural insulated panels (or shotly SIPs) are made as a sandwich of rigid OSB faces and polyisocyanurate  foam (PIR). But in order to achieve the Living Building Challenge’s Materials Petal, none of the elements used in the project can contain traces of the substances included in the list of forbidden construction materials  (Red List) that has been issued by the Living Future Institute. The fact that most of the wood – based products contain formaldehydes or other added flame retardant substances directed us to find alternative solutions.

The structural insulated panels acquired from Ozone Homes are of two kinds, judging by  the material used to support the faces of the sandwich. The middle is the same –PIR, having as prime matter locally harvested rapeseed oil – but the faces of the panel are made of Red List-friendly and FSC –certified OSB layers (the SIPs), respectively Magnesium Oxide sheets (the DIP panels).  The latter  material is fireproof, bu also water-resistant, which allows for it to be used both underground, for insulating the base and wet areas, and as false ceiling with insulating and fire-resisting properties. It looks similar to gypsum board, and supports both plaster-based finishes and screw-fixed solutions, so that the exterior finishing of the panel is opend to more than one options. In addition to these features, 65% of the product is recyclable, which makes it a truly green option.

So far, three facades have been clad in DIP panels.  The construction site of EcoBiblioteca has been re-opened this week, and amongst the first scheduled works are placing the structurally insulated panels  on the northern façade, but also starting to place the  interior ones, that act as flooring support and false ceiling mounted beneath the beams.

We’ll be back soon with construction site pictures.

Arch. Luiza Hanc, RoGBC

Termaflex – reliable partner for Green Buildings

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Thermaflex company has been actively involved in “Green Library” project, providing non pollutant solutions that can ensure energy loss reduction and implicitly the decrease of CO2 emissions.

To ensure the link between the technical room and the library building, there have been used 2 pre-isulated pipes Flexalen 600, De 32mm, return pipes with a total length of 15 meters. The main pipe, made of polybutylene (Polybutene PB1) provides a life-cycle of more than 50 years, for temperature of maximum 95 °C, and assures lasting properties over the entire exploitation period at a pressure of maximum 8 bars.  The pipage covering is made of polyolefins foam with closed cells that provides a thermal conductivity  of less than 0,032 W/mK. Due to its cellular structure, the covering blocks water absorption. Having a high flexibility and being a heat-sealable material, the installation price is very low, in comparison with classical systems.

For thermal energy distribution inside the building, there will be used polybutylene pipes with a diameter of 16 and 20 mm, covered with thermal insulation, Thermacompact  type. Both insulation and pipes are 100% recyclable and do not contain environment-unfriendly substances. The pipes and fitting pieces can be welded, so the resulting system is homogenous and very reliable.

Thermacompact insulation is made of polyolefins foam, having a red  co-extruded  membrane on the exterior. This membrane gives good physical properties and can be fixed in masonry or screed.

All the materials recommended for this project have been carefully analysed in order to match the ecological requirements and to ensure the transport and thermal energy distribution with minimum loss.

Eng. Laurentiu Plesca – Thermaflex

Call for green projects in the Transilvania area for TV show

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Dorin Beu Ph.D. , Director of RoGBC’s Transilvania Chapter will be interviewed on TVR Targu Mures on October 17 within the “Ecologica” TV show. Dr Beu will talk about the RoGBC’s Transilvania activity to date, future projects and the pilot project ecoBiblioteca.

This interview will the first from a series of TV shows where RoGBC member companies are invited to contribute.  If you have a green project, completed or under development, please contact us and we can facilitate the connection with TVR Transilvania. The interviews will be subsequently available on your local public television

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The RoGBC Team

OSRAM supplies ecoBiblioteca LED luminaires

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In order to achieve Living Building Challenge certification, ecoBiblioteca will be mercury-free and  use state-of-the-art technology which limits  electric consumption.

So the LED solution come as a natural one and based on computer software design it was choose a solution with spotlights OSRAM Ledvance XXL of 46W for the library rooms and with downlights OSRAM Ledvance of 28W for the entrance area.



Based on this LED Luminaires we will  obtain a LENI (Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator) of 9,90 kWh/sqm/year.
Prof.Dr. Ing. Dorin Beu,
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