The founding member companies established the Romania Green Building Council in recognition of the following trends:

  • Technology and design improvements and new thinking in the financing of energy efficiency improvements;

  • The increasing business case for ecological buildings, which proves green construction means smart business and sensible practice;

  • Visionary companies’ interest in developing capabilities to excel in the construction and related industries and generate sustained profits;

  • Projected local and global growth which drives resource constraints and increasing building and operating costs;

  • Serious environmental concerns and the increasing societal and political will to mitigate these concerns;

  • The necessity to enhance the collaboration within and across industries, government and civil society to eliminate barriers and align the interests of stakeholders to ensure the rapid and comprehensive adoption of green building practices

  • The important contribution that healthy, affordable and energy efficient homes have on the welfare and security of the nation for all income levels;

  • The productivity gains, innovation and other financial benefits that derive from excellent, sustainable design in office buildings and industrial facilities;

  • The attractiveness of environmentally responsible design in retail spaces increasingly desired by informed customers and its role in providing a high profile example for the public on sustainable business

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  1. Hello

    This is Vivian Manasc, Architect from Alberta Canada. I have been working in Sustainable Architecture for over 20 years. Please see

    I will be in Bucharest giving a lecture on Sustainable Architecture in Canada, at the Ion Mincu University, on Wednesday, July 6, 2011. I would be pleased to meet with Architects or developers who are working in the area of Sustainable Buildings in Romania, to exchange ideas and discuss projects. I will be in Bucharest on Monday July 4th, and would have time to meet with colleagues. Please contact me by e-mail if you would be interested in meeting.
    Thank You

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