ecoBiblioteca – the new RoGBC Director of Projects will join the ecoBiblioteca team as co-Director

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EcoBiblioteca 16aug2012Dear green builders,

I wanted to extend a welcome to our recent addition to the Romania Green Building Council team, Mr. Paul Lannoye.   Paul will serve as our Director of Projects and joining Mr. Dragos Riti as co-Director of our ecoBiblioteca project.   Paul is a highly experienced real estate and construction professional with significant experience in Romania and on exemplary projects.    His participation “in house” at the RoGBC will provide us some needed resource hours as we make the final construction push for ecoBiblioteca.

Paul can be reached at and +40720 449 139.

Paul L and Steve B


Do you want to certify a green building project and don’t know how?

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Do you want to become a BREEAM or LEED assessor?

RoGBC just prepared for you a brief presentation about LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method).

This LEED information package summarizes what LEED is, measures and delivers, which the rating systems are, the steps to achieving certification and also how to become a LEED professional.

This BREEAM information package tells you about what BREEAM provides, its objectives, types of projects and buildings that can be assessed using BREEAM. You can also find out the main things regarding BREEAM certification and how to become a BREEAM assessor.


“Greening our Workspace” /RoGBC office renovation project documentary broadcasted on Realitatea TV

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Implemented by:



Dear RoGBC members and friends, We are pleased to announce that the RoGBC office renovation project will be broadcasted on Realitatea TV television this Saturday, 9.00-10.00 pm (21:00-22:00), on Realitatea Tv.

You will also find it automatically archived here starting Saturday 10.00 pm (22:00).

We would like to thank all project partners once again for their collaboration in developing this project, and we hope you will enjoy the show!


Sustainable Urban Building Contest 2013

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Construction21 and Metropolitan Solutions are organising a new European online contest

Cities and local authorities worldwide have something in common: they have to become so called “Smart cities”. The intensifying trend of urbanisation forces cities to upgrade their existing infrastructure and to completely develop new forms of infrastructure. Therefore city planers, architects, technical experts and decision makers need smart and practicable solutions that are resource efficient, secure, low in emissions and reliable at the same time. Future infrastructural systems have to be intelligent, autonomously and interlinked to insure the provision of rapidly growing urban populations alongside a high quality of life.

Buildings are an important factor in this urban development, and the “Sustainable Urban Building Contest” seeks to address this aspect. With a view to promoting Best Practice solutions, we ask applicants submitting buildings to the contest to showcase

solutions that are already feasible and have been made reality today. For buildings you have already completed, show us:

1. How buildings can be integrated into the infrastructures of the “city of the future”

2. How buildings can make a positive contribution to infrastructures of the “city of the future”

3. How buildings can help improve quality of life in a city

Applications can be submitted online from the 21st of January 2013 until the 22nd of February in 2013.

The voting phase starts at the 25th of February until the 13th of March of 2013.

Read more about the Contest and the rules at .

The winners will be awarded to present their Best Practice Solutions at the Metropolitan Solutions Fair in Hannover (8 – 12 April 2013). Metropolitan Solutions has developed as platform for applications and solutions for cities and megacities, and has grown significantly since its launch in 2011. In April 2012, more than 70 exhibitors showcased their offers on 3,000 square meters. Beginning in 2013 the trade show has more space in Hall 1 and an innovative concept of immersion in the “city of the future”. Instead of the usual exhibition passageways, for example, visitors walk along streets lit with streetlamps. Panoramic wall images display forward-looking products and urban development solutions. Visitors are brought to Hall 1 in electric cars.

Avalon Residence

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Ozone Homes, member of the RoGBC obtained a high score certification of energy performance with Avalone Residence. Avalon Residence is an ensemble of three residential ecological buildings. The residential development is built in Pipera Tunari, only 10 minutes away from Baneasa Shopping City complex, closet Henri Coanda Airport and the Pipera neighborhood. The Avalon is in close proximity to all amenities for a comfortable lifestyle: supermarkets, shops, kindergarten and schools. Avalon is a low-rise development built on only two levels(P+1) in keeping with our lifestyle concept of green space and not overcrowding the development, totaling 38 apartments with two and three rooms (1&2 Bedroom apartments). Every apartment includes a fully equipped Kitchen and Bathroom, Built-in wardrobes, 1 or 2 parking spaces and the ground floor apartments come with private gardens. All utilities are completed within a community: access roads, paved walkways as well as all residents have a communal pool, garden, playground for children and leisure facilities (barbecue) and miniature golf.

Green energy export

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We would like to introduce a state of the art technology elaborated by one of our members. There is a linkage between the energetic and the construction and building sector, so this might be relevant new information.

SYNERGY Construction established the Georgia branch and started works for the SIEMENS HVDC technology to transmit eco-friendly electric power from Georgia to Turkey, as part of the Black Sea Transmission Network Project – one of the most significant infrastructure projects in Georgia. This project will contribute to the development of the country and will increase its integrity to western countries and market. The goal is to connect the Georgian power supply network with the grid system in Turkey and to transmit controlled electric power generated in various hydropower plants in Georgia to Turkey.

The works have been commissioned on 15.02.2011, as mentioned in the press release from SYNERGY. For more details please click here.

Georgiana B.

Sustainable Construction in Transylvania!

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Building green means building for the future, but at the same time building green has a lot to do with the past. Tradition and sustainability are, in a way, similar : both of them have to defeat time. Therefore analyzing tradition can reveal very interesting facts about the way people in the old times perceived sustainability and even applied it, although the term did not yet exist. The RoGBC used this idea and transformed it into an exciting event in Transylvania, the mountainous heart of Romania.IMG_0822

In the medieval environment of the “Land of the Seven Citadels” – as Transylvania is historically known – the participants took notice of the roots of sustainability in Romanian architecture and also got acquainted with the traditional Romanian food, music and folk dances.

Architect Horatiu Racasan held a presentation on sustainable construction practices and also showed some of his projects.

Eva Schmincke, a director of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and product specification expert, discussed the future of sustainable construction materials product declarations (EPD) and their role in sustainable construction in Europe.

Gabriel Rosca, President of the Sibiu chapter of the Romanian Order of Architects discussed the results of a summer school where attendees developed and presented urban planning and green solutions for the city’s challenges.

Nicholas Dimancescu showed a short film and explained the history and development of the Inn at Balaban – our venue for the weekend in Transylvania.

Sabin Maghiar
of Monsena demonstrated some of the work their company is doing for historical renovations in Romania.

IMG_5381Architect Silvia Demeter of Context Architecture and Romania’s representative to the European Council of Architects provided an excellent tour of Brasov city despite some interruptions from uncooperative weather. The sun got friendlier as we visited the Rasnov fortress.

As they first arrived in Bucharest, the participants took a walking tour through the capital city and hear about the stories behind its most important buildings. Luiza Hanc and Octavian Partenie, two of the associate members of the RoGBC, as well as RoGBC Communication Specialist, Alina Kartman, were in charge with providing the information for the tour.

Although time was short, plenty of other activities were fit into the schedule: an excellent outdoor dinner at the Hilton’s La Strada, and two unforgettable train rides 🙂

Check the RoGBC Flikr account for more photos from the event.

ARCHIBUS receives Buildings Magazine award

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The RoGBC member ARCHIBUS received an award from the Buildings Magazine, attesting the excellent quality of their software ARCHIBUS TEAMS. The company received this distinction during the 2009 edition of “Top 100 Products/Services“.

Each year, the magazine awards 100 elite products, that go under a thorough selection process, based on criteria like the ease of use, the durability/life-cycle, the efficiency or applicability,the universal appeal and the sustainable/green elements.

The ARCHIBUS TEAMS suite of environmental applications was developed by ARCHBUS Solution Center – Environment + Sustainability Services, and contains environmental applications integrated with geographic information system (GIS) applications developed by ESRI. The applications contained in the ARCHIBUS TEAMS environmental software are:

  • Compliance & Financial Management – For consolidating Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) programs and tracking permits, orders, corporate initiatives; includes calendar with e-mail notifications.
  • Environmental Monitoring – Consolidates monitoring data, manages data for any media, compares data to standards, plots and reviews trends.
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) – Collects information on training, incident reporting, as well as medical monitoring.
  • Clean Building – Manages asbestos, lead-based paint, and other hazardous material.
  • Green Building – Tracks and documents progress toward LEED certification and Green Rating projects, as well as carbon footprint metrics.
  • Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) – Web-based MSDS inventory; search by location or chemical manufacturers.
  • Waste Management – Manages any wastes/discarded materials; recycling; tracks storage, transportation, and final disposition/storage.

Tudor Trita, CEO of ARCHIBUS Solution-Centers Romania, said that “the recognition of the quality of our environmental software ARCHIBUS TEAMS given by such a well-known instance in the Facility Management world such as Buildings makes us very proud and at the same time is yet another confirmation of the quality of the ARCHIBUS solutions.

The RoGBC salutes the applications opening for the Prime Property Award

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The German Green Building Council (DGNB) announced the opening of the application period for the 2010 edition of the Prime Property Award. The competition is organized every two years by Union Invest, a company specialized in property management and also a member of the DGNB. The prize is awarded to property investors in Europe who excel at integrating sustainability aspects into the development and redevelopment of commercial and private buildings.

The current theme for the 2010 Award is “Creating sustainable investment and places” and the projects registered must have been completed between 2004 and 2009. The winners will be selected in a multistage process by an international jury of experts comprising investors, architects, town planners and project developers. For the evaluation a detailed list of criteria has been developed which enables the jury to measure and compare sustainable interaction between real estate, the environment and society. The awards ceremony will take place in Munich at EXPO REAL, Europe’s largest commercial property show, in October 2010. The deadline for entries for the first phase of the competition is 15 December 2009 and total prize money for the Prime Property Award is 30,000 Euros.

For more information please visit:

Green business, sustainable management and green marketing at the GreenBizForum

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Bogdan Draganescu will be representing the RoGBC members, as a speaker during the GreenBizForum. The event, which will take place on June 25th at the Stirbey Domains, will reunite the most important consultants and decision makers in sustainable development, green business and sustainable management in Romania.

Tourism Minister, Elena Udrea and Culture Minister, Theodor Paleologu will also attend the event. The organizers have promised a marathon of presentations, case studies and debates, in a green location, among the most appreciated consultants, business people and journalist activating in the field.

Among the speakers we can also mention John Aston, General Manager, Aston Eco Management, Lucian Mandruta, TV host and anchor, Antena 1, Antoaneta Curteanu, Deputy Manager for the Corporate Division of Unicredit Tiriac Bank, Alex Laibar, Client Relations Manager, Recolamp, Florina Serban, CSR Coordinator Cosmote, Claudia Chirilescu, General Manager Spoon, Radu Ionescu, Managing Partner, Kinecto s.a.

The issues discussed will address the most viable financing solutions, the challenges and opportunities of eco-business, green marketing strategies through new media, case studies of the most successful CSR programs, financing programs for sustaining environment related projects, the processes of sustainable business, green trends, but also the most innovative marketing and communication strategies for building a sustainable brand.

For more information and details about registration, please visit:

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