How to solve the integration of RES in buildings in Romania? ..and some other issues

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One big step forward would be ….  applying the existing EU Directives and improving the national regulations. The Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment published for  public debate the draft “Elements of Energy Strategy for 2011-2035”. More information on the measures that are currently included can be found here.

Unfortunately there are no big news for the building sector if you are to look over the draft…and considering that  the EPBD Directive (Directive 2010/31/EC) and the RES Directive (2009/28/EC)  are setting clear timelines and directions for increasing level of energy efficiency and the uptake of RES in buildings – one would expect to find more in a Strategy that is supposed to cover the next 25 years. Luckly it is just a working document.

RoGBC put together a list with basic recommendations that should be included in the Energy Strategy 2011-2035. They relate mostly to facilitating the uptake of RES in buildings and encouraging the new developments/deep refurbishments that achieve a high level of energy performance (class A). The letter was sent to the Ministry of Economy and our points of view will be discussed in the event from the 30th of June organised by the Ministry of Economy. Special thanks to Luiza Manolea, lawyer and RoGBC member of the Legislative Task Force for her involvement in this initiative!


Anca Bieru

Protected: Suggested measures to improve the market share of Renewable Energy Sources in Romania

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