“Green Office Program” involved in the project “Partnership for Sustainable Development”

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“Save The Danube and the Danube Delta” Association together with Media Monitoring Agency – Active Watch are coordinating the project “Partnership for sustainable development” through which the foundations of the first sustainable development company in Romania will be created.

The main objective of the “Partnership for sustainable development” Project is represented by the improvement of the programming in order to get a consistent and sustainable absorption of the European Social Fund ( ESF ) finances.

The purpose of the project is to assure the resources needed in order to implement the “sustainable development”  horizontal theme in the projects financed through the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development” (POS DRU).

Mainly, during the discussions they  pointed out the ecological approach of some types of activities characteristic to the POS DRU projects, doing ,in the same time, a short analysis of some projects implemented by the regional meetings participants. Appling the “sustainable development” criteria was based on ecological approach in activities such as:

•workshops, lectures, training courses, practice, training at work, competence fairs, scholarships – specialized modules(examples : sustainable development, renewable energy, green economy, The European Union strategy 2020 etc.) and base courses sections, practice projects, business plans, dissertation topics, research, tests, elearning platforms, magazine articles dedicated to sustainable development.

•organizing  awareness campaigns on different topics ( waste management, “greenjobs” , corporate social responsibility etc.) in order to develop a ecological culture for the POS DRU project  beneficiaries;

•green acquisitions – purchasing ,in the POS DRU projects, ecological products/services from the nine voluntary assumed categories by Romania in The European Union;

•sustainable transport : encouraging common transportation, train transportation, using bicycles and hybrid car transportation.

Under the job training activities there was also a meeting where our colleague Monica Zarnescu was invited, as Green Office Manager.

The UniCredit Consumer Financing team spent some hours recording information about the “Partner for sustainable development” Project and also about “Green Office Program” developed by RoGBC, pointing  examples of good uses of green working spaces that bring important economies, improve and raise the employees productivity and also presentation of cases and actions that can make an office more sustainable.

The case study presented by RoGBC is the result of research in the field of green procurement and efforts to implement the operation and maintenance criteria taken from voluntary green building certification criteria.

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