Property tax reduction for green building owners in Cluj-Napoca

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The Cluj-Napoca City Council  delivered a positive example to the nation being the first municipality in Romania to adopt specific measures for encouraging green building development. The City Council voted on May 24 to provide a 50% reduction in property taxes for buildings earning a green certification and achieving the top score on the energy efficiency rating.

This decision shall apply only to buildings that are certified by three certification systems recognized worldwide:

  • LEED;
  • DGNB;

According to the latest decision, starting with 2013:

  • building owners that are legal entities will pay half of the annual building tax for buildings with an A level in the energy performance certificate and that have obtained an official green building certification. This  practically means  that the annual property tax was reduced from 0.50% to 0.25% for green buildings in Cluj Napoca;
  • for individuals  the City Council granted a 50% reduction of annual property taxes on residential buildings that have an A level in the Energy Performance Certificate and an official green building certification issued by any of the three systems mentioned above.

To be eligible for the property tax reduction the building owners have to present:  

  • the final reception certificate issued by the local planning service;
  • the energy performance certificate;
  • the green building certificate issued by any of the three systems: LEED, BREEAM or DGNB;
  • declaration of conformity issued by the Romania Green Building Council.

The project was initiated by the local councilors and the executive team from Cluj-Napoca City Hall: Irsay Miklos, Laszlo Attila, Csoma Botond, Somogyi Gyula and Molnos Lajos, Virgil Porutiu, Victor Radoi.

We would like to congratulate and thank them for the initiative!

The RoGBC would also like to thank the following persons for their support and involvement in obtaining this legislative success:

  • Dorin Beu, Director RoGBC Transilvania;
  • Luiza Manolea, Attorney at Law – RoGBC General Member;
  • Razvan Nica, BuildGreen Romania – RoGBC General Member;
  • Elena Rastei, ecovision – RoGBC General Member

“The Romania Green Building Council will provide assurance to Cluj-Napoca that only qualified green buildings are provided this benefit and assist project developers interested in obtaining this certification.” explains Dorin Beu Ph.D. , Director of RoGBC’s Transilvania chapter.

“This is an excellent and timely move as the economic benefits to the project and community include higher building valuations, lower operating costs, creation of green jobs, reduced impact on traffic and other infrastructure, and, importantly, attracting high quality local and foreign investment to Cluj-Napoca.  Many of the top tier companies investing in the region are seeking the benefits of green buildings ” added Steven Borncamp, Founding President and CEO of RoGBC.

The RoGBC has campaigned since its inception for these type of “green economy” stimulus measures arguing that it is a desired way to both encourage economic growth during challenging times while using the long term financial benefits to repay any early investments.   In addition, this organization has argued that this will ensure local businesses and professions remain competitive as building and related energy standards increase across Europe and the world.

“Many cities in Europe, driven by the new stringent EU regulations on energy efficiency and green energy production,  have adopted specific local incentives for buildings.   Most of them are targeting building renovations or directed to the public buildings.   The Cluj-Napoca initiative improves on these by also including private developers and new construction and focusing beyond energy efficiency and green energy to reward other essential elements of such as ecological materials, site selection and management, and transport issues. ” explains Anca Bieru Robinson- RoGBC’s Director of International Relations and Policy and Chairperson of Europe Green Building Council Network Policy Task Force who has been guiding policy analysis and formation at the European and National and Municipal levels in Romania.

Encouraged by this action in Cluj-Napoca, the  RoGBC intends to continue its efforts to encourage other municipalities to adopt similar measures across the country.

Read the official document on the Cluj City Hall website here

In need for Green Service Providers?

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The 3rd edition of the Romania Green Building Council Awards Gala  revealed the top three finalists / short list candidates:

  • BuildGreen Romania

BuildGreen Romania is the first Romanian company providing assesment services (BREEAM and LEED), construction project management services for buildings and Green Building design support and consultancy.

BuildGreen projects: EuroTower – BREEAM certification, Crystal Tower – BREEAM certification,  Victoria Center Office Building- BREEAM in Use – LEED EB:OM feasibility report, Olympia Tower Office Building – BREEAM certification

  • CUNDALL Engineering

CUNDALL Engineering is a international multi-disciplinary consultancy operating company with over 20 locations across the globe. Cundall’s engineering consultancy services cover the entire life cycle of any building project offering sustainable design solutions.


Epstein is a professional services firm, providing architecture, engineering and construction services for offices, retail, manufacturing, distribution and institutional facilities around the world. Alinda Dudu has received the first LEED AP certification in Romania. (add something related to their involvement in the RoGBC training Platform)



The winner for this category was Epstein Architecture & Engineering.

Do you know which are the most innovative green building products in 2011?

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We revealed the top 3 within the Romania Green Building Council Awards Gala, on May 10 at Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

  • AGC Flat Glass Romania;

Stopray Ultravision is new type of glass to be used in facades or windows. It has a double function: during winter, it acts as a super insulating glass. In double glazing Ug value is as low as 1.0 W/sqm K. In summer time its low Solar Factor of 23%generates significant reduction of electricity ( air conditioning is not used on full power). On top of that, the light transmission is the optimum (LT=49%), ensuring that natural light enters to the building. Glass has the highest selectivity in the market (ration between light transmission and solar factor is very high, S=LT/SF=2,13). Stopray Ultravision is certified Cradle to Cradle with SILVER.

  • Jotun

Jotashield Extreme Silk is a 100% pure acrylic based paint specially formulated to with stand the harsh climate. The porduct’s special formulation based on a cutting edge technology offers excellent thermal comfort, lower energy consumption for keeping building interiors cool, longer lasting colours and protection against concrete carbonation. The special acrylic binder gives a durable and long lasting silk finish with low dirt pickup. It is ideal for decorating and protecting exterior surfaces and specially suited as a maintenance product

  • Schneider Electric;

Transportation is responsible for almost one third of all CO2 emissions in most industrialized countries.

As environmental considerations cause individuals and businesses to increasingly consider electrical propulsion for a wide-range of transportation needs, society is presented with an outstanding opportunity to reconsider its expectation of vehicles and the role of personal mobility. And Schneider Electric has a very significant role in this motion process by providing the infrastructure for the charging stations used by electric vehicles.

Schneider Electric’s EVlink makes possible for an electric car battery to charge at 80% of its capacity in less than 15 minutes, covering all the needs of the contibutors: from energy utilities to electric vehicles users, from the smart grid to the plug, from local supervision to wireless supervision on the charging stations, from simple charge to smart charge to optimize costs.

In our country, Schneider Electric has signed a partnership with Renault, Electrica and Siemens to develop the electric vehicles charging infrastructure.



The winner of this category was AGC Flat Glass Romania.

Green Building Education Initiatives in Romania awarded within the RoGBC Green Awards Gala, May 10

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We are pleased to announce that for the 3rd edition of the Romania Green Building Council Awards competition we received a very impressive list of submissions for the Green Building Education Initiative of the Year category. The most appreciated education activities were:

  • “Sustainable Development. Integrated concept of built space and energetic audit” – University of Architecture & Urbanism “Ion Mincu”

The Faculty of Urban Planning, Landscape Design Section has developed a new Curriculum of Master in architecture which responds to issues of sustainability, energy, and the environment within the “Sustainable Development – Integrated concept of built space and energetic audit” course. As case study for this course a partnership protocol was signed between Bucharest University, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, and University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine  The students from Faculty of Urban Planning, Landscape Design Section were involved in the interdisciplinary summer practice.They identified the architectural patrimony of Geopark villages: Sarmisegetusa, Clopotiva, Densus, Santamaria Orlea and the vernacular architecture principal specific features.

  • “Energy improvement in the built environment” Transilvania University Brasov – Faculty of Construction;

The Department of Construction & Building Services has organized and developed courses concerning the Management of Water, Energy, Indoor Air Quality and Daylight harvesting.

Notable environmental and sustainable achievements:

-Green Roofs and Cool Roofs have been subjects of papers published by doctoral students.

-A student contest concerning Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Renewable energy applied in buildings, Sustainable use of Materials took place in 2011 in the faculty.

-A laboratory that studies the usugae of heat pumps was recently finalized. MsC and doctoral Students have won an ASHRAE grant focused on Energy Efficiency  in Buildings.

-In March 2011 RoGBC  organized the “Managing Green Building Projects” course at Aula of Transilvania University of  Brasov.

  • “Research and Educational Center for High Energy Efficiency Buildings” – University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest;

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, in partnership with University of Architecture & Urbanism “Ion Mincu”, ICPE, ISPE, UTCB and Agecom Baia Mare built two passive houses as a laboratory for students and educational purpose.

The monitoring system  helps students to better understand:

–          Conductive heat exchange through building walls, windows and doors.

–          Convective heat exchange through heating recovery units.

–          Heat exchange by radiation through radiant heating panels, windows. The monitoring system also uses a pyrometer to collect solar radiation.

Moreover, students learn how to calculate heat requirement of the building using dynamic models, sizing heating equipament, how photovoltaic panels can be integrated in the structure of the house (storage of energy, energy transfer to the national grid) and many other applications.


The winner for this category was “Research and Educational Center for High Energy Efficiency Buildings” – University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.


Finalists and Winners of the Romania Green Building Council Awards

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This year, based on the interest we’ve seen in the third edition of the Romania Green Building Council Awards, we can definitely say that sustainability is not a niche topic anymore on the Romanian construction market. If in the previous years, the RoGBC Green Awards was usually just a section in a more general real estate awards, this time based on the interest we received and the uprising trend of the green construction in Romania we decided to organize it separately.

It was a great decision since this year’s contest saw an increase in the number of award submissions and a very impressive list of projects, company initiatives, and education institution activity.

On May 10th we’ve invited everybody to come for a drink at Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest – one of the greenest Hilton Hotels in Europe, based on the hotel chain’s internal assessment and competition – and find out which finalists were the winners of this year’s RoGBC Awards. The short list included (Finalists for Romania Green Building Council Awards after first judging session):

Green Education Initiative of the Year:

    • “Sustainable Development. Integrated concept of built space and energetic audit” – University of Architecture & Urbanism “Ion Mincu”
    • “Energy improvement in the built environment” Transilvania University Brasov – Faculty of Construction;
    • “Research and Educational Center for High Energy Eficiency Buildings” – University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest;

Green Building Product Innovation of the Year:

    • AGC Flat Glass Romania;
    • Jotun
    • Schneider Electric;

Sustainable Company of the Year:

    • CUNDALL Engineering;
    • Ozone Homes;
    • Schneider Electric Romania;

Green Service Provider of the Year:

    • BuildGreen Romania;
    • CUNDALL Engineering;

Green Building Project of the Year SMALL:

    • Greenome; Developer: Felicia and Marius Ienculescu-Popovici;
    • Complex Piatra Soimului, Sinaia;

Green Building Project of the Year LARGE:

    • Avalon Residence – Ozone Homes
    • CRYSTAL TOWER Business Center
    • Olympia Tower;

All the finalists had great projects and initiatives and choosing the best was a tough decision. The jury this year was formed of: Arh. Emilio Miguel Mitre, President GBC Espagna & Education Taskforce Chair of WorldGBC’s European Regional Network; Arh. Adrian Cristescu, West Group Architecture; Mr.Claus Kegel, Managing Director Heberger Constructii; Prof Dorin Beu Ph.D- Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca; Mr. Perry Zizzi, Partner, Badea Clifford Chance; Mr. Dragos Riti, Erste Group Immorent; Mr. Ovidiu Sandor, Modatim Investment; Ms. Corina Truica, Managing Partner CEMS Tehnologii

In the end we had only one award for each category so the jury had to make their choice and the trophies, which were made out of 100% recyclable glass and wood, went to:

POLITEHNICA University, Bucharest for the BEST Green Education Initiative of the Year

AGC Flat Glass Romania for the BEST Building Product Innovation of the Year

Schneider Electric Romania for the BEST Sustainable Company of the Year


CRYSTAL TOWER Business Center for the BEST Green Building Project of the Year – Large

Greenome for the BEST Green Building Project of the Year – Small

The RoGBC team would like to thank everybody for participation and for being active in shifting the construction industry in Romania towards sustainability! More details on each winner and why they received the awards will follow shortly!

Romania Green Building Council has a new board of directors – 2012-2013

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During the annual event in wich RoGBC evaluated the past year’s activity, the new board of directors was announced, after previously being elected by the members.

According to the status of the organization, the RoGBC members had a month to vote the new board of directors for the 2012 – 2013 period.

63 members of the 108 with voting rights, expressed their opinion, an abstention being also present.

According to the votes, five of the seven nominees have been elected.

The new board members (alphabetical order) are:






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Good luck to the new Board of Directors!

The RoGBC Team

EcoBiblioteca – a zero water consumption building

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In order to address Living Building Challenge’s Water Petal, EcoBiblioteca has to reach a zero water level of extraction from public utilities. The water management concept regarding EcoBiblioteca assures that the water needed for daily use is taken from unconventional sources :

  • Groundwater, extracted from well has been tested and proven to be healthy – used as potable water source;
  • Rainwater / Stormwater – collected from the roof and used for non-drinking purposes;
  • Blackwater (water used by lavatories and toilet) – treated and re-used inside the same system.

This innovative MEP project is signed by CUNDALL, Romania Green Building Council Gold Member, through the work of Engineers David Clark and Vassilios Giannakos.

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