Combining social innovation and very green office operations

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ImageOur office in the Romania Green Building Council’s headquarters in Bucharest utilizes the RECICLETA service to handle our office’s paper waste. This innovative program helps disadvantaged persons with a legal job and utilizes cargo bikes to pick up and transport the recycled paper. Recently, ViitorPlus, the organization behind RECICLETA was recognized with a prize in the European Investment Bank Institute for Social Innovation Tournament.

Congratualtions to ViitorPlus! We would be interested to see your submissions of other innovative programs for green office operations.

NocClean joins us in the Green Office campaign

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We are glad to announce our collaboration with our newest member, NocClean, through its Green Clean division. Together, we will develop an office cleaning programme that respects the specificities of each building, uses environmentally friendly materials and is taking care of the inhabitant’s health. Thus, the Green Clean division will become a professional green office cleaning service, raising new standards in the industry. Green Cleaning is an essential side of our Green Office Programme.


Since 1998 NocClean has been setting new standards in professional cleaning services, also providing property administration services and landscaping. NocClean has a specialized department for property administration, offering a wide choice of services, such as office relocation, the mainenance of heating systems, carpentry and construction, electrical and automation, sanitary installations and air conditioning. You can find out more about them on their website –


Do you want to certify a green building project and don’t know how?

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Do you want to become a BREEAM or LEED assessor?

RoGBC just prepared for you a brief presentation about LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method).

This LEED information package summarizes what LEED is, measures and delivers, which the rating systems are, the steps to achieving certification and also how to become a LEED professional.

This BREEAM information package tells you about what BREEAM provides, its objectives, types of projects and buildings that can be assessed using BREEAM. You can also find out the main things regarding BREEAM certification and how to become a BREEAM assessor.


“Greening our Workspace” /RoGBC office renovation project documentary broadcasted on Realitatea TV

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Implemented by:



Dear RoGBC members and friends, We are pleased to announce that the RoGBC office renovation project will be broadcasted on Realitatea TV television this Saturday, 9.00-10.00 pm (21:00-22:00), on Realitatea Tv.

You will also find it automatically archived here starting Saturday 10.00 pm (22:00).

We would like to thank all project partners once again for their collaboration in developing this project, and we hope you will enjoy the show!


Sustainable Urban Building Contest 2013

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Construction21 and Metropolitan Solutions are organising a new European online contest

Cities and local authorities worldwide have something in common: they have to become so called “Smart cities”. The intensifying trend of urbanisation forces cities to upgrade their existing infrastructure and to completely develop new forms of infrastructure. Therefore city planers, architects, technical experts and decision makers need smart and practicable solutions that are resource efficient, secure, low in emissions and reliable at the same time. Future infrastructural systems have to be intelligent, autonomously and interlinked to insure the provision of rapidly growing urban populations alongside a high quality of life.

Buildings are an important factor in this urban development, and the “Sustainable Urban Building Contest” seeks to address this aspect. With a view to promoting Best Practice solutions, we ask applicants submitting buildings to the contest to showcase

solutions that are already feasible and have been made reality today. For buildings you have already completed, show us:

1. How buildings can be integrated into the infrastructures of the “city of the future”

2. How buildings can make a positive contribution to infrastructures of the “city of the future”

3. How buildings can help improve quality of life in a city

Applications can be submitted online from the 21st of January 2013 until the 22nd of February in 2013.

The voting phase starts at the 25th of February until the 13th of March of 2013.

Read more about the Contest and the rules at .

The winners will be awarded to present their Best Practice Solutions at the Metropolitan Solutions Fair in Hannover (8 – 12 April 2013). Metropolitan Solutions has developed as platform for applications and solutions for cities and megacities, and has grown significantly since its launch in 2011. In April 2012, more than 70 exhibitors showcased their offers on 3,000 square meters. Beginning in 2013 the trade show has more space in Hall 1 and an innovative concept of immersion in the “city of the future”. Instead of the usual exhibition passageways, for example, visitors walk along streets lit with streetlamps. Panoramic wall images display forward-looking products and urban development solutions. Visitors are brought to Hall 1 in electric cars.

RoGBC associate members decorating the office for Christmas

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December 20th:  a day for celebrating working together while decorating the RoGBC office with the help of our volunteers.

Thank you all for your efforts and work! Merry Green Christmas to everybody!

photo 2 (2)

       photo 3

photo 2

photo 4



“Green Office Program” involved in the project “Partnership for Sustainable Development”

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“Save The Danube and the Danube Delta” Association together with Media Monitoring Agency – Active Watch are coordinating the project “Partnership for sustainable development” through which the foundations of the first sustainable development company in Romania will be created.

The main objective of the “Partnership for sustainable development” Project is represented by the improvement of the programming in order to get a consistent and sustainable absorption of the European Social Fund ( ESF ) finances.

The purpose of the project is to assure the resources needed in order to implement the “sustainable development”  horizontal theme in the projects financed through the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development” (POS DRU).

Mainly, during the discussions they  pointed out the ecological approach of some types of activities characteristic to the POS DRU projects, doing ,in the same time, a short analysis of some projects implemented by the regional meetings participants. Appling the “sustainable development” criteria was based on ecological approach in activities such as:

•workshops, lectures, training courses, practice, training at work, competence fairs, scholarships – specialized modules(examples : sustainable development, renewable energy, green economy, The European Union strategy 2020 etc.) and base courses sections, practice projects, business plans, dissertation topics, research, tests, elearning platforms, magazine articles dedicated to sustainable development.

•organizing  awareness campaigns on different topics ( waste management, “greenjobs” , corporate social responsibility etc.) in order to develop a ecological culture for the POS DRU project  beneficiaries;

•green acquisitions – purchasing ,in the POS DRU projects, ecological products/services from the nine voluntary assumed categories by Romania in The European Union;

•sustainable transport : encouraging common transportation, train transportation, using bicycles and hybrid car transportation.

Under the job training activities there was also a meeting where our colleague Monica Zarnescu was invited, as Green Office Manager.

The UniCredit Consumer Financing team spent some hours recording information about the “Partner for sustainable development” Project and also about “Green Office Program” developed by RoGBC, pointing  examples of good uses of green working spaces that bring important economies, improve and raise the employees productivity and also presentation of cases and actions that can make an office more sustainable.

The case study presented by RoGBC is the result of research in the field of green procurement and efforts to implement the operation and maintenance criteria taken from voluntary green building certification criteria.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

RoGBC Team

Green Corner at “Environment, Technology and Design” conference

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In the lobby area arranged by following the idea and the topic of the “Environment, Technology and Design” conference, held at UAUIM, RoGBC team prepared a Green Corner by using examples of sustainable procurement for an as green as possible office which follows the guidance of the well known sustainability principles: Reduce, Reuse, Replace and Recycle.

The idea of a booth is just one of the steps that we made for the development of the Green Office program.

We made the most of the furniture and props offered by UAUIM. We covered the existing panels by using posters showing office products made by recycled material. The purpose of this unusual booth was not only the presentation but to determine the start to reflect on daily office practices.

I saw, I asked, I understood, I got something concrete … I will implement it in my office too!

For the next event we propose a more interactive green corner and more participants interested in “placed at the corner”.

Monica Zărnescu

Corporate Office Solutions and Steelcase deliver training on “Creating and Managing Greener Workspaces”

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Just like there are things we can do in our personal life to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum, there are things we can do with our work life as well.

On July 5, RoGBC organized another training course within the “Romania Green Building Professional” certification and training platform. Representatives from Corporate Office Solutions and Steelcase talked about how to design, construct  and operate green workspaces.

The course presented key information on various sustainable office solutions. It included developing a green office program as well as achieving internationally recognized green building certification. The event was useful for executives, architects, product designers, technologists, engineers, academics, students, and others interested in exploring ways to benefit from the important shift toward energy efficient and environmentally responsible design principle.

Within the course, our colleague Monica Zarnescu presented RoGBC’s internal policies to create a greener and healthier workspace. These include:

  • paper recycling program – RECICLETA;
  • public transportation program for the  entire RoGBC team;
  • green business events & meetings; RoGBC requires that all it’s suppliers to go green;
  • office indoor air quality that includes natural ventilation, operable windows, entrance dirt track system, indoor green wall and plants, sustainable office furniture, recycled & recyclable carpet, energy efficient & light fixtures, Green Energy Star labeled computers, printers, LCDs, selective garbage collection: plastic, paper, residuary, recycled & recyclable pens, markers, organic soaps & non-toxic cleaners


Impressions from Creating Greener Workspaces (Workshop – April 22, Bucharest)

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On April 22, at the Orange Concept Store in Bucharest, the Romania Green Building Council and WWF organized a half-day training course on “Creating Greener Workspaces”, with the purpose to educate the Romanian marketplace on the advantages of green office policies, design and renovation..

With around 50 participants, the event was a great success.  Executives responsible for office operations, architects and designers, engineers and real estate consultants, suppliers of products and services, professors and students attended the event.

The event had a design module and an environmental management system module that includes implementing green office polices. Explaining the business case for implementing these programs will be an important component of the workshop.  “Green office design and operation is backed by a strong business case when conducting activities in a resource and energy constrained world” emphasized Steven Borncamp, President of the Romania Green Building Council.

Moreover, “creating greener workspaces is about thinking and planning more, saving money, and increasing employee health and productivity. There are very short payback periods and minimal differences in upfront investments and significant competitive advantages if green initiatives are done wisely”, continued Steve.

No matter if it’s a larger or smaller office, there are ways in which it can become more efficient, more environmentally friendly, healthier for the employees and less costly to operate. There are several aspects that need to be considered in order to have a green office: from the architects and engineers teams, to the flexible use of space, the efficient consumption of water and energy, materials and resources, the inside air quality, transportation, the sustainable behavior of the employees, etc.

Creating Greener Workspaces

The trainers also offered the simple measures that can be implemented in any office, including:

  • Paper consumption: avoid printing or print double-sided, more pages per sheet; use of recycled or environmental certified paper
  • Heating & cooling energy consumption: lowering the temperature in a room by 1ºC saves 5% of heating energy; avoid placing furniture in front of the radiators; use of air conditioning with timer
  • Electric energy consumption: use of energy saving bulbs; switching lights off when possible;use of energy saving settings for appliances; avoid using the “stand by” mode
  • Purchases: careful selection of the products and services suppliers, appliances, office utensils, equipment, furniture, gifts, materials, accommodation, trips, etc.
  • Waste sorting and recycling – defining and giving good instructions is an essential component
  • Transportation: reduce the environmental impact of transport by using long distance communication techniques, favoring public transportation, driving in an economic way, driving cars with low fuel consumption, etc.
  • The attendance of representatives from companies activating in various sectors, as well as the discussions among participants illustrated the involvement and the preoccupations of the industry in sustainability and ecology.

The event ended with a networking cocktail meant to facilitate the interaction and the collaboration among the workshop participants and the RoGBC members.

Steven Borncamp – President, Romania Green Building Council
Helka Julkunen – Green Office Manager, WWF Finland

Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) is a non-profit, non-political association of businesses encouraging the market, educational, and legislative conditions necessary to promote high performance construction that is both environmentally responsible and profitable. The RoGBC is accredited as an “Emerging Council” with the World Green Building Council.
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the world’s largest and most effective environmental organizations, whose mission is to stop the degradation of the natural environment, by conserving the biological diversity, by promoting sustainable use of renewable natural resources, reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. In 1997, WWF Finland developed the Green Office, a simple and light environmental management system. More than 20,200 office employees are currently involved in the program.

Event organized with additional support from:
Amcham Romania
Orange Concept Store

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