Impressions from Creating Greener Workspaces (Workshop – April 22, Bucharest)

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On April 22, at the Orange Concept Store in Bucharest, the Romania Green Building Council and WWF organized a half-day training course on “Creating Greener Workspaces”, with the purpose to educate the Romanian marketplace on the advantages of green office policies, design and renovation..

With around 50 participants, the event was a great success.  Executives responsible for office operations, architects and designers, engineers and real estate consultants, suppliers of products and services, professors and students attended the event.

The event had a design module and an environmental management system module that includes implementing green office polices. Explaining the business case for implementing these programs will be an important component of the workshop.  “Green office design and operation is backed by a strong business case when conducting activities in a resource and energy constrained world” emphasized Steven Borncamp, President of the Romania Green Building Council.

Moreover, “creating greener workspaces is about thinking and planning more, saving money, and increasing employee health and productivity. There are very short payback periods and minimal differences in upfront investments and significant competitive advantages if green initiatives are done wisely”, continued Steve.

No matter if it’s a larger or smaller office, there are ways in which it can become more efficient, more environmentally friendly, healthier for the employees and less costly to operate. There are several aspects that need to be considered in order to have a green office: from the architects and engineers teams, to the flexible use of space, the efficient consumption of water and energy, materials and resources, the inside air quality, transportation, the sustainable behavior of the employees, etc.

Creating Greener Workspaces

The trainers also offered the simple measures that can be implemented in any office, including:

  • Paper consumption: avoid printing or print double-sided, more pages per sheet; use of recycled or environmental certified paper
  • Heating & cooling energy consumption: lowering the temperature in a room by 1ºC saves 5% of heating energy; avoid placing furniture in front of the radiators; use of air conditioning with timer
  • Electric energy consumption: use of energy saving bulbs; switching lights off when possible;use of energy saving settings for appliances; avoid using the “stand by” mode
  • Purchases: careful selection of the products and services suppliers, appliances, office utensils, equipment, furniture, gifts, materials, accommodation, trips, etc.
  • Waste sorting and recycling – defining and giving good instructions is an essential component
  • Transportation: reduce the environmental impact of transport by using long distance communication techniques, favoring public transportation, driving in an economic way, driving cars with low fuel consumption, etc.
  • The attendance of representatives from companies activating in various sectors, as well as the discussions among participants illustrated the involvement and the preoccupations of the industry in sustainability and ecology.

The event ended with a networking cocktail meant to facilitate the interaction and the collaboration among the workshop participants and the RoGBC members.

Steven Borncamp – President, Romania Green Building Council
Helka Julkunen – Green Office Manager, WWF Finland

Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) is a non-profit, non-political association of businesses encouraging the market, educational, and legislative conditions necessary to promote high performance construction that is both environmentally responsible and profitable. The RoGBC is accredited as an “Emerging Council” with the World Green Building Council.
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the world’s largest and most effective environmental organizations, whose mission is to stop the degradation of the natural environment, by conserving the biological diversity, by promoting sustainable use of renewable natural resources, reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. In 1997, WWF Finland developed the Green Office, a simple and light environmental management system. More than 20,200 office employees are currently involved in the program.

Event organized with additional support from:
Amcham Romania
Orange Concept Store

ProLogis Releases Third Annual Sustainability Report

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The Report includes new and updated information about the company’s environmental, social and economic performance during 2008. The complete web-based report is available at

During ProLogis’ third year of reporting, we made significant strides in refining what our commitment to sustainability means while also meeting several key initiatives, such as expanding the scope of our global carbon management strategy and establishing a board-level Sustainability Committee,” said Walt Rakowich, ProLogis chief executive officer. “We are pleased to be able to share our progress from 2008 and look forward to further updating our stakeholders in the future as our programs continue to mature and evolve.

Topics detailed in the report include carbon management, renewable energy, energy efficiency, community engagement, social investment, corporate governance and business excellence. The report also outlines several milestones realized by the company since last year’s report, including:

  • The appointment of a Chief Sustainability Officer and establishment of a Board Sustainability Committee, the members of which have relevant experience and background in sustainability;
  • Receipt of external validation from two new global sustainability indexes, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the S&P U.S. Carbon Efficient Index; and,
  • The completion of the first U.S. rooftop lease with Southern California Edison for solar panel installations in the first half of 2008 and a second rooftop lease with Portland General Electric.

ProLogis’ Sustainability Report is presented in accordance with guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international, multi-stakeholder network through which a recognized sustainability reporting framework has been developed. It has been externally assured by Two Tomorrows, a world-leading sustainability consultancy, and meets GRI B+ reporting level requirements.

Holiday Wishes

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Dear Members and Partners,

We wish you a Happy Easter and a Wonderful Spring!

The RoGBC Team

Happy Easter!

New version of “Casa Verde” to be launched soon – the draft of the financing guide is available for comments

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Today, the draft of the financing guide for the new version of “Casa Verde” program was published by the Environment Fund Administration. RoGBC is planning to evaluate the new guide and send our comments. We are encouraging all the members – especially the ones that are active in the area of technical consultancy and the providers of  renewable energy solutions for thermal energy – to take a look on the guide and send us their comments  and suggestions on the drafted guide by Monday, 27th of April.

Main points from the new program:

  • The main beneficiaries of the financing are the local and central public authorities ; the owners association are also eligible for the funding
  • The types of projects to be financed are replacing or introducing new heating systems from public buildings (buildings that belong to public authorities, hospitals, schools, social and/or cultural centers) or blocks of flats
  • The total budget for 2009 is 310.000.000 RON and it will be split between  two annual financing sessions
  • The maximum level of financing is 70% out of total eligible costs
  • Main cost categories eligible for financing are – the equipments for the heating system, the assembly costs, consultancy costs for the feasibility studies , VAT
  • The financing session will be officially open soon

The draft of the financing guide is available here .

For more information and comments please send me an e-mail at .


Online Training Video: Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

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We are pleased to announce that videos from our training on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive are now available online. The presentations are in Romanian, with subtitles in English.

How to get an A rating on the Energy Performance Certificates?” was held in October 2008. It was a training event dedicated to explaining the most important aspects to be considered to score the highest rating on the energy performance certificates in the European Union’s mandatory Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).The presentations covered: definitions and benchmarks in a building energy performance certificate, energy saving measures (insulation, architecture and vicinity passive solutions, traditional and unconventional heating systems, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, etc), case studies.

To view the presentations, go to, Watch Green Videos section.

Upcoming Training Event: Creating Greener Workspaces – April 22, Bucharest

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Listen, learn, discuss and network with the key experts and practitioners in energy efficient and ecological design and office policy!

A workshop to educate the Romanian marketplace on the advantages of green office policies, design and     renovation.

The event will have a design module and an environmental management system module that includes implementing green office polices. Explaining the business case for implementing these programs will be an important component of the workshop.

A light dinner & networking event will follow the presentations.

Who: Recognizing the cross-functional nature of environmental and energy efficiency measures, the event will be useful for executives responsible for office operations, architects, designers, engineers, and others interested in benefiting from this important shift in designing and managing our workspaces.

When: April 22, 2009,  a half day event
Where: Orange Concept StoreBucharest
How much: Register by April 10 and benefit from significant discounts:

  • 25 Euros fee for RoGBC members (starting April 11, the fee is 45 Euros)
  • 45 Euros fee for non-members (starting April 11, the fee is 65 Euros)
  • 35 Euros fee for AmCham members (starting April 11, the fee is 55 Euros)

The registration form is available here. Click here for the agenda.

Trainers: Experts from the Romania Green Building Council and the WWF Finland’s Green Office initiative.

Training course certificates will be awarded to attendees who successfully complete the workshop.

The workshop will be in English without translation provided.



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