Natural insulation from Naturalpaint!

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Naturalpaint brings to Romania an innovative product, very important for the green building market. The product Thermo-Hanf based on hemp is manufactured in Nordlingen/Bayern, Germany.  It is a perfect solution for the attic, between the rafters, and also for the exterior walls.

The thermo-technical properties are impressive. The U value for a thickness of 120 mm is 0.28 [W/m2K]. For the same thickness, the polystyrene plates   have the value 0.40 [W/m2K]. Besides the technical aspects, Thermo-Hanf has obtained numerous certifications from the authorities in Europe and Germany. Being 100% environmental friendly, the embodied energy is minimum 50-90 kWh/mc , on the other end is the insulation based on wood fibers, 600-1500 kWh/mc. Talking about  CO2 emissions, Thermo-Hanf wins again, having a positive balance.  The storage potential for cubic meter is 58,5 kg CO2, and for manufacturing a cubic meter  45,75 kg CO2/mc are released.

All the details about the product and examples of how and where   it was used  you can find here:

RoGBC and biblionet make next step in EcoBiblioteca project.

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On 7 september, RoGBC organized at our office an integrated design meeting which  gathered  all the parties involved in the project: RoGBC, biblionet, Corporate Office Solution, WSP, Dexion, B Lighting, InterfaceFloor, Dicositiganas and local authorities from Cacica. The summary of the project is to renovate the Cacica library in a “green way” by significantly improving the design, energy performance, lighting quality, indoor air quality and comfort of the building. The project will encourage use of the library as a community space increasing visits and participation by the citizenry.   The project will build awareness of environmentally responsible and energy efficient building and renovation techniques and stimulate the creation of green jobs both locally and nationally.
The meeting was definitely a success. We split the discussion in 4 main points, and created 4 different tables;
1. Which are the obstacles encountered and how we overcome them?
2. How do we promote the “EcoLibrary” concept nationally?
3. The objectives of the project.
4. New ideas to overcome the “old” library concept.

All participants had the opportunity to rotate around the 4 tables. All parties expressed their opinion regarding each subject so the discussion was complete from all points of view and valuable information was gathered.
The participants were pleased with the way the meeting went.
The integrated design session is an important aspect for   green constructions, in our case this sustainable renovation.
We want to thank all the participants and for those who want to join this project the “doors” are open.


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Our project to select and renovate, in a very green way, one of Romania’s libraries is off to a great start.    We have narrowed the proposed libraries to five in Perisani – Valcea; Farcas – Dolj, Cacica – Suceava, Dragotesti – Gorj si Ulies – Harghita.

The RoGBC is partnering with Biblionet (; an excellent organization that is bringing innovation to Romania’s libraries with, among other activities, providing training and installing computers in their facilities throughout the country. The main objectives of Biblionet include improving access to information, training and capacity building for public librarians, improving government support for libraries and promoting the value of libraries.

We have co-organized this contest where the winning library will receive a “green renovation” to significantly improve the design, energy performance, lighting quality, indoor air quality, and comfort of the building. The project will encourage use of the library as a community space increasing visits and participation by the citizenry.

Our confirmed partners to date include Corporate Office Solutions, InterfaceFLOR, B Lighting, WSP Romania, and Dexion.   More discussions with potential partners are underway and we are confident we will have all the necessary participants to open an exemplary, green library on the October 22nd completion date.    A message went out to all RoGBC members at the end of July; please review or contact our office if you would like to get involved in this or other projects.

Next steps include the selection in mid-August of the library to be renovated and the integrated design session with all project stakeholders to ensure we maximize the results of this ambitious project.

Please keep checking back for updates on our progress!

The “Green Acquisitions” portal

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The ROGBC is pleased to announce the premier launching of the portal in Romania by the TERRA III Millennium Foundation to provide environmentally friendly companies the opportunity to promote (for free) their products and enter into dialogue with potential new partners and customers.

Thus, over 80 companies in Romania and other countries have already joined this initiative through the “Buy Green” project developed with funding from the Governments of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Financial Mechanism.

Public authorities in Romania are required to purchase environmental products / services and TERRA III’s mission, as an environmental NGO, is to sensitize decision-makers in this regard. The portal is an opportunity to enter into dialogue with public authorities, NGOs and other institutions in Romania. Following registrations, a “Catalogue of Ecological Products and Services” will be made and will be distributed to 600 public administrations in Romania.

We invite you to join this exciting project, using the attached form. For any further information you can visit the website for details on the work of the TERRA III organization.

formular inscriere Portal

proiect Cumpara Verde

Radu Vlad

VELUX Romania rewards the architecture oriented towards light

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VELUX Romania is organizing a contest that rewards the best architecture made in Romania in the last 3 years (2008 – 2010) by architects or designers who have used VELUX products.

Purpose of the contest

The purpose of the contest is to select and reward the best projects that are ingeniously using the attic windows provided by Velux in order to bring light in their design, and also to promote architects and acknowledge their merits. The projects are going to be published afterwards in a contest catalogue and will be used as examples in the VELUX brochures and on

By promoting its products and their utilization, VELUX Group wants to encourage and contribute to a new type of durable architecture. We would like to draw the attention towards a holistic view – SUSTAINABLE LIVING. The buildings must be designed in order to satisfy basic human needs, increase health and daily well being through natural light and fresh air with a preoccupation for durable energy sources including solar thermal energy.

Participation at the contest

The contest is open to professionals from the architecture field, students and graduates from architecture or interior design. The participants can enter the contest individually or in a team. The participants agree that all the materials sent for the contest can be used in the contest catalogue and other materials printed by Velux Romania, always mentioning the author.

Rewarding of the projects

A prestige jury formed by architects and lighting specialists from Romania will evaluate the projects at the end of September, 2010 and will grant the awards in total value of 12 000 Euros for the 3 sections of the contest:

Attic Rehabilitation Section

Award: 3000 Euros

Special mention: 1000 Euros

Living and working under the roof Section

Award: 3000 Euros

Special mention: 1000 Euros

Raise the roof Section [Building a roof on existing blocks of flats] Section

Award: 3000 Euros

Special mention: 1000 Euros

Members of the jury:

Arch. Eliza Yokina –
Arch. Şerban Ţigănaş – President of Romanian Order of Architects
Arch. Nicolae Ţaric  –  President of the Order of Architects, Braşov – Covasna –Harghita Branch
Arch. Dragoş Oprea  –
Conf. dr. ing Dorin Beu  – Executive Director of the Center of Lighting Engineering in Cluj-Napoca
Arch. Henrik Norlander Smith  –  VELUX Denmark
Arch. Mădălina Petrescu  –  VELUX Romania

The judging will take place end of September and will decide the winners of the awards for the 3 sections of the contest. The results will be announced during the Awards Gala which will take place on October 2nd in Brasov.

The deadline for contest registration is September 15th, 2010.

More details are available on:

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