Electrolux supports “Greening our Workspace” project

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Electrolux supports “Greening our Workspace”, the demonstration project aiming to transform the RoGBC headquarters into a truly sustainable work environment.

It is a project that showcases and develops the green good practices that RoGBC and its partners have implemented so far, that was planned as a three phased process. The first stage of the project was done between mid-October and the end of 2011.

Green Office strategy and Electrolux vision are closely related : innovation and low-cost maintenance, sustainability and energy efficiency.

In this project, Electrolux participated by introducing appliances from the GREEN line.

The Ultrasilencer Green vacuum cleaner is a sustainable product for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is mostly made out of recycled plastic.

The message that best describes Ultrasilencer Green is the fact that materials usually considered waste can become a valuable prime matter in the process of creating a new product.

Ever since the product was in design phase, its whole life cycle was planned. Not only is the appliance sustainable, but the materials used for packing it are also recycled. In addition to this, after “retirement”, the product is 92% recyclable.

Green facts about Ultrasilencer :

  • Each vacuum cleaner from the Electrolux Green linesaves about2 liters of petrol and 80 liters of water usually consumed during production;
  • 90% less energy is being used to produce components out of recycled plastic than using new plastic as prime matter;
  • Energy saved – 40% less than the average vacuum cleaner;
  • 55% of the vacuum cleaner’s plastic components are recycled;
  • Silent Air Technology concept creates a sound level of just 68DB(A);
  • The HEPA filter purifies the air by 99.95% (HEPA 13); actually, the air that is being exhaled by the appliance during cleaning is healthier than the one being sucked in;
  • The s-bag® GREEN dirt sack is made out of 100% biodegradable content, so that it can decompose in natural environment in less than 15 weeks;

Therefore, our “Greening our Workspace” demonstration project has won an efficient but silent green ally in the fight against dirt.

The RoGBC wishes to thank Electrolux for their involvement in our project by introducing this innovative product.

Monica Zarnescu

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