Romania Green Building Council at TNI

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During the 4th -6th of October 2013, RoGBC participated at the National Real Estate Fair, with the goal of educating the visitors on what does a green building mean, bringing forwards examples of initiatives, furniture design and built constructions.

 ImageThus, within the RoGBC booth at TNI, we presented Green Mortgage – more attractive loans for the acquisition of green houses, together with EcoBiblioteca and the Câlnic School pilot projects. As examples of sustainable design, we invited Laboratorul de Arhitectură, ZEST Collective and Tubajera in order to set the outline of an environmentally friendly and attractive furniture. In order to raise the awareness of visitors, we offered them the list of the greenest buildings in Romania, including residential constructions, together with a Guide for Building Green Homes, informing them on what a sustainable building means and on its basic requirements.

 Thanks to the success of this year’s booth, Romania Green Building Council, in partnership with the National Real Estate Fair, will develop a Green Corner within the future editions of the Fair. More on this subject soon!


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