The Business Case for Green Building and European Green Building Policy Challenges – In Discussion with James Drinkwater

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On January 29, at the Clifford Chance Badea headquarters, we organized a meeting between James Drinkwater, Senior Policy Advisor, World Green Building Council (Europe Regional Network) and RoGBC members. On this occasion, James Drinkwater held two seminars dedicated to introducing the members into the matter of policy change and of the next steps for the industry in order to help government and the EU take the best decisions.

The first seminar presented the World GBC’s landmark 2013 report on the costs and benefits of green building, underlining the business case for green building. If in 2007 the reason for building green was that it was the right thing to do, the incentive has gradually shifted up to today, more and more companies investing in green buildings because these stand for a better business decision.

In the second seminar of the session, James Drinkwater discussed EU green building policy and legislation, going through major challenges that governments and businesses are facing. This discussion highlighted the opportunity for creating a voice of industry in support of policy regulation.

The RoGBC Policy Task Group comes as an initiative to channel this voice of the green building industry in Romania, to discuss the needs, objectives and opportunities of each stakeholder on the market and put these forward for regulation. As a RoGBC member, if you want to take part in this Policy Task Group, please contact

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