Artifex – state of the art on energy efficiency in the textile industry

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Jetrun EnergoEco commissioned the HVAC equipment at Artifex, a textile manufacturing plant in Focsani, Romania.

 In 2012 , Artifex started the total renovation of a 13 500 m2 working space, located in Focsani. The production process involves various types of activities , each activity requiring a different microclimate . A common essential element is the need for a strict control of the humidity level. The client wanted a system that provided energy efficiency and a high level of comfort for the employees, which became a challenge for the whole team who worked on the project: the design company Cepronef, the execution company Amteh and the equipment supplier Jetrun EnergoEco.


The project requirements regarding energy efficiency and a high level of comfort have increased the complexity of the system and asked for a creative approach . We opted for implementing a geothermal heat pump solution, creating one of the largest industrial projects that use geothermal energy in Romania . We decided to follow the operating parameters of the system to develop a practical knowledge base in this area which is less explored in our country. ” said Adrian Moisa, general manager at Jetrun .


The ventilation system is made up of 4 air handling units Wolf KG Top 510 of 40,000 m3 / h with rotary heat recovery system and KG Top 190 of 10,000 m3 / h with plate heat recovery . Given the high density of employees, it is important to ensure a consistent volume of fresh air without affecting the overall efficiency of the installation. The heat recovery system benefits from a special treatment to ensure humidity recovery from the spent air, an extremely important function to reduce the need for additional humidification in winter. As for increased comfort for the employees, we opted for underfloor heating and cooling. By reducing the heat and cooling load of the ventilation system, we can reduce the difference in temperature between the introduced fresh air and the air inside the room, thus eliminating the discomfort created by conventional systems for heating / ventilation .


The air introduction piping was made ​​up of textile fabric and the exhaust air system was made up of metal. To ensure the thermal load for heating and cooling , Jetrun delivered 4 reversible geothermal heat pumps of 250 Kw each, with multiscroll technology and intelligent cascading kit, produced by Hiref . The heat pumps extract heat from a geothermal field of 120 wells of 120m depth and covers the entire heat demand of the building. At a COP 4.0, the primary energy consumption is reduced 4 times compared to a standard system .


About Jetrun EnergoEco


Jetrun EnergoEco is the official supplier in Romania for well known HVAC equipment manufacturers such as Wolf Heiztechnik and provides a full range of products from boilers and heat pumps to air handling units, chillers, cogeneration systems. At Jetrun, we believe in energy efficiency and a responsible use of resources. The people we work with on industrial or commercial projects recognize us for our support and involvement in the project design phase, installation and maintenance.




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