Position Paper regarding National Renovation Strategies

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In a position paper released on 31 January 2013, the Europe Regional Network has called on European policy makers to send a strong signal to the investment community about the building renovation agenda.

As leaders prepare for the EU Budget summit on 7-8 February, and debate on the future of the EU’s carbon market continues, the Network has highlighted a challenge that member states are just starting to discuss: establishing long-term national strategies to mobilise investment in building renovation, in accordance with the new Energy Efficiency Directive.

With just over a year to establish the first national renovation strategies, matching strong public funding programmes with the private capital needed to unlock the energy reduction potential across Europe’s buildings will be crucial. Leaders now have the opportunity to earmark EU funding for energy efficiency and renewables in buildings, as well as to strengthen and utilise revenues from the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) to back national renovation programmes.

Chair of the Network’s Policy Task Force, Ana Cuhna of France GBC, said:

“The scale of investment needed to improve our buildings is huge, but so are the opportunities for our economies. We will only take advantage of these multiple opportunities if we signal to investors that this is an agenda governments are serious about. France has committed to an ambitious renovation programme of half a million homes per year, and to linking EU ETS revenues to this. We’d like to see more countries follow this example, but with the price of carbon at an all-time low, interventions are clearly needed to support the price of carbon if we are to scale-up renovation activity.”

Senior Policy Advisor to the Network, James Drinkwater, said:

“Over the coming months we will be working with governments and stakeholders from around Europe on how they approach the challenge of creating national renovation strategies. Governments need to start this year by sending a signal to the investment community that this is an agenda that governments are invested in for the long-term. The Budget summit and EU ETS reforms are the right places to start”.


Article 4 of the Energy Efficiency Directive requires that countries establish a long-term strategy to mobilise investment in the renovation of the national stock of residential and commercial buildings, both public and private, by April 2014.

The Building Performance Institute Europe’s analysis of deep renovation scenarios of Europe’s building stock demonstrated the potential for net energy cost savings is as much as €1,300 billion.

A Copenhagen Economics report commissioned by Renovate Europe showed that investment in building retrofits, given current high levels of unemployment across Europe, could have a positive effect on public budgets equivalent to 0.5% – 1% of GDP 
Read the full Report HERE.

See HERE largely content of the letter.

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