Do you know which are the most innovative green building products in 2011?

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We revealed the top 3 within the Romania Green Building Council Awards Gala, on May 10 at Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest

  • AGC Flat Glass Romania;

Stopray Ultravision is new type of glass to be used in facades or windows. It has a double function: during winter, it acts as a super insulating glass. In double glazing Ug value is as low as 1.0 W/sqm K. In summer time its low Solar Factor of 23%generates significant reduction of electricity ( air conditioning is not used on full power). On top of that, the light transmission is the optimum (LT=49%), ensuring that natural light enters to the building. Glass has the highest selectivity in the market (ration between light transmission and solar factor is very high, S=LT/SF=2,13). Stopray Ultravision is certified Cradle to Cradle with SILVER.

  • Jotun

Jotashield Extreme Silk is a 100% pure acrylic based paint specially formulated to with stand the harsh climate. The porduct’s special formulation based on a cutting edge technology offers excellent thermal comfort, lower energy consumption for keeping building interiors cool, longer lasting colours and protection against concrete carbonation. The special acrylic binder gives a durable and long lasting silk finish with low dirt pickup. It is ideal for decorating and protecting exterior surfaces and specially suited as a maintenance product

  • Schneider Electric;

Transportation is responsible for almost one third of all CO2 emissions in most industrialized countries.

As environmental considerations cause individuals and businesses to increasingly consider electrical propulsion for a wide-range of transportation needs, society is presented with an outstanding opportunity to reconsider its expectation of vehicles and the role of personal mobility. And Schneider Electric has a very significant role in this motion process by providing the infrastructure for the charging stations used by electric vehicles.

Schneider Electric’s EVlink makes possible for an electric car battery to charge at 80% of its capacity in less than 15 minutes, covering all the needs of the contibutors: from energy utilities to electric vehicles users, from the smart grid to the plug, from local supervision to wireless supervision on the charging stations, from simple charge to smart charge to optimize costs.

In our country, Schneider Electric has signed a partnership with Renault, Electrica and Siemens to develop the electric vehicles charging infrastructure.



The winner of this category was AGC Flat Glass Romania.

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