RECICLETA, people in difficulty collect paper for recycling with the Cargo-bicycles

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RECICLETA is a social economy project that in the same time helps to protect nature.

Set up by ViitorPlus Association in 2009, the project offers paper waste collecting services to companies using cargo-bicycles – pollution-free transportation – driven by people with social issues. For the cyclers this project means a secure, legal job that helps them support their families – they are selected from among the people who are part of the family abandonment prevention project of SOS Children’s Villages Bucharest Association.


In two years, RECICLETA has:

  • collected over 100.000 kg of paper;
  • saved 1.500 trees from being cut down (4 hectares);
  • saved Bucharest of 31.8 t of CO2 by using cargo-bicycles instead of a car;
  • prevented 86.4 t of CO2 from waste land through recycling paper;


Do you want to recycle and help people in need and have a cleaner city?

Here’s how you can sign up for the RECICLETA program:

  •  You send us an e-mail at;
  •  We sign a contract;
  • We provide the rules of a proper selective waste collection and standard 25 kg containers;
  • When containers get filled, you let us know by e-mail or by phone (0735.854.168), and the cargo-bicycles come to pick up the paper.

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Because it is also a social project which helps disadvantaged people integrate into the labor market, companies can choose to pay a contribution of 5 lei for each discharge of a container. The amounts are allocated for the cyclers’ salaries.

Join us by signing up!

Recicleta Project sustained by RoGBC team

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