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Thermaflex company has been actively involved in “Green Library” project, providing non pollutant solutions that can ensure energy loss reduction and implicitly the decrease of CO2 emissions.

To ensure the link between the technical room and the library building, there have been used 2 pre-isulated pipes Flexalen 600, De 32mm, return pipes with a total length of 15 meters. The main pipe, made of polybutylene (Polybutene PB1) provides a life-cycle of more than 50 years, for temperature of maximum 95 °C, and assures lasting properties over the entire exploitation period at a pressure of maximum 8 bars.  The pipage covering is made of polyolefins foam with closed cells that provides a thermal conductivity  of less than 0,032 W/mK. Due to its cellular structure, the covering blocks water absorption. Having a high flexibility and being a heat-sealable material, the installation price is very low, in comparison with classical systems.

For thermal energy distribution inside the building, there will be used polybutylene pipes with a diameter of 16 and 20 mm, covered with thermal insulation, Thermacompact  type. Both insulation and pipes are 100% recyclable and do not contain environment-unfriendly substances. The pipes and fitting pieces can be welded, so the resulting system is homogenous and very reliable.

Thermacompact insulation is made of polyolefins foam, having a red  co-extruded  membrane on the exterior. This membrane gives good physical properties and can be fixed in masonry or screed.

All the materials recommended for this project have been carefully analysed in order to match the ecological requirements and to ensure the transport and thermal energy distribution with minimum loss.

Eng. Laurentiu Plesca – Thermaflex

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