RoGBC office renovation version 2.0

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Romania Green Building Council presents

1.WHAT ?

“Greening our Workspace” is a real-life interior design project aiming to transform the Romania Green Building Council’s office building into a deep green workspace. It is a project that showcases and expands the sustainable practices that the RoGBC have implemented so far.   The project will contribute to the comfort and flexibility of the workspace as well as the health and well-being of the building’s occupants.


The project is a tangible case study for the Green Workspaces program that the RoGBC has been developing and following for the last three years. This project will exceed the current physical boundaries of the space, to set a green example for other workspaces inRomania and beyond. The story of G.o.W. project and all of its partners will be told at green industry-related events to share the results and lessons learned.

The space redesigned through this project will become a green venue, home for green building training and for sustainable professionals and companies willing to showcase their high standard products, materials and technology.

3. HOW?

We have already REDUCED our consumption of office supplies and energy. Now it’s time to REUSE and  RECYCLE everything surrounding us, turning the Cradle-to-Cradle™ and equally ambitious methodologies into our reality. The project will make the most of the existing resources. From furniture to cardboard boxes or wood battens stored in the attic, every unused object will be given a new life. A minimum of 80% of the resources found on site will be integrated into the new design.

To achieve this, continuous research is required from the professionals involved.

This is an integrated design project, and Design Charrettes discussing the project are organized on a weekly basis, according to the Project Plan.

All of the ideas and design decisions are recorded, so the Presentation Document containing all of the sketches, drawings and partner information will be continuously updated.


The design team began work in October 2011.  The initial design charrettes were concluded in mid-October.  The work is currently out to bid for construction start of early November.  Project commissioning and launch is scheduled for 8 December 2011.

More information about the renovation process is available here.

RoGBC’s Associate Member, Mihai Toader Pasti reusing old wood for creating wet floor signage

Final product

Using the “Cradle to Cradle” principle we reused an old wine bottle box to create a new tea support

Cristina Siu

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