Avalon Residence – First „green” block has opened its doors

October 10, 2011 at 1:12 pm | Posted in Events, Member Projects | 1 Comment
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Ozone Homes has completed the first building with green apartments in the complex Avalon Residence. The block totaling 12 apartments with two and three rooms and is located in northern Bucharest, in Tunari.

Avalon Residence homes are practical, clean and very good in terms of the purchase price and operating costs. Block number 1 is completed, followed in October to be complete in terms of connection to utilities and building annexes: alleys, access, parking and leisure facilities. Ozone Homes has proposed that in early spring to start organizing the site for the second block, for which there is already reservation request.

Homes Ozone Technology used in Avalon Residence, defines a positive development trend in the construction industry, in terms of achieving outstanding energy performance of buildings. It defined the concept of cross-modular-prefabricated with multiple benefits, not only in terms of energy efficiency in buildings, reduction of CO2 emissions reduction of maintenance costs, especially the speed of execution of construction and follow severe stages of production costs, transport, assembly and completion.

Technology provides an external envelope of buildings with the most effective solution currently known insulation in construction. It also improves the useful area of ​​any space, high resistance in case of earthquake or fire, excellent soundproofing qualities. The living quarters are no longer using methane gas and any other fossil fuel, ensuring the exploitation of clean house. Method of manufacture of materials is done using specialized software, which helps reduce costs, prevent waste and decreases time-scales. Over 60% of the materials used are recyclable and reusable, no environmental pollution.

In the preliminary energy audit, building energy scored 100 (maximum that can be granted) and at the energy class A. For heating, the building requires 23.7 kWh / year, which ensures lower maintenance costs, compared a similar building built traditionally up to 60%.

Avalon Residence is a set composed of 3 blocks P+1, with 2 and 3 bedroom apartments (about 40 housing units, with areas between 51 and 74 m) and prices ranging from 42.500 EUR and 63.750 EUR, plus 5 % VAT. All apartments are furnished and equipped kitchen with appliances, fully equipped bathroom, dressing room, parking and access to common facilities: pool, playground, miniature golf, watch. The ground floor apartments have private garden, while the upstairs have balcony.

Avalon Residence,  is a success for the company, is the basis of discussions with a number of local councils, banks have the “legacy” lots of land, investors need to add value to land that they hold for partnerships in the near future. Ozone Homes wants to become an affordable commodity in terms of green homes, extended at the table. “The most difficult part of our pioneering is the process of explaining and popularizing the benefits of purchasing” green products “. Most people want concrete and brick construction, so we have proved that our product is better so if an earthquake or a fire, but also in terms of air quality in homes. ” said Andrew Prelea.

At the press event for the launching of Avalon Residence, September 28th, Andrew Prelea highlighted the advantages of a genuine eco-building with a positive impact in the foreseeing future. At the event also attended Steven Borncamp (President of the Romanian Green Building Council), Prof. Dr. Ing. Emilia-Cerna Mladin (President of the Association for Energetic Auditors for Buildings,Romania) and Zoli Toth, Green Hour Ambassador forRomania, green activist and well-known artist.

Read the full press release here.

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  1. Congratulations about the project guys. It is really amazing. It proves actually what the SIP System can deliver to the end users as well as to the developers, builders, architects etc.
    I hope more and more people to change their options and become more green, using alternative, efficient ways of building, such as Structural Insulated Panels. I am interested to meet such people, therefore I can be contacted via email (alinaups@gmail.com), willing to provide with more details about what SIPs mean.

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