We collected paper and saved one and a half trees from being cut down!

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In any office conducting usual activities a lot of paper gathers around: all kinds of document drafts, outdated offers ,expired contracts and so on. Even when using the paper at a maximum, for example printing new document drafts on the back of previously printed ones, it will soon become obsolete. Therefore entire stacks of paper sheets end up getting in everybody’s way.

There are certain paper collectors out there, but offices generating small amounts of paper are not generally taken into consideration. Because a transport for small amounts of paper would not be economically justifiable, most of the specialized collectors only respond to amounts close to a tone. Small quantities of paper end up disposed of directly in the city’s garbage dump and so because of the permanent demand for paper the trees grow fewer and fewer.

Here at RoGBC we understood the need of saving trees from being cut down and partnered up with “ViitorPlus”, joining the “Recicleta” program.

According to this paper collecting program, “The transport of the disposed paper is provided by cargo-bikes, unique in Romania, driven by socially and physically challenged people who now have a job assured.

Helped by our selective garbage disposal system which we suggested during the “Creating and Managing Greener Offices” program, we were serious, dedicated and collected in the last three months 100 kilograms of paper.

Translated, that is one of a half trees saved from being cut down!


The RoGBC Team.

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