The first LEED AP in Romania – Alinda Dudu from Epstein Engineering & Architecture

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The first Romanian to get the LEED AP certification is Alinda Dudu, architect for Epstein Engineering & Architecture, one of the RoGBC founding members. This is quite an achievement! 

As published on the  Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) website  :

“The LEED AP exam is a four (4) hour, two (2) part exam designed to assess your understanding and knowledge of the LEED Rating System and your ability to facilitate the certification process. The first part of the exam, the LEED Green Associate section, is designed to measure your ability to understand and support green design, construction, and operations. The LEED Green Associate section is comprised of 100 randomly delivered multiple choice questions and must be completed in the first two hours of the exam appointment. The second part of the exam is the LEED AP specialty section. Each LEED AP specialty section is comprised of 100 randomly delivered multiple choice questions and must be completed in the second two hours of the exam appointment. Candidates must pass both sections to earn the LEED AP with specialty credential.Total seat time for the combined exam (both part 1: LEED Green Associate exam and part 2: the specialty exam) is 4 hours and 20 minutes including an optional tutorial and short satisfaction survey.”

According to Alinda, the exam wasn’t exactly simple. There were a lot of questions  that require calculations, and it was best to actually do the necessary arithmetics, not just to give an intuitive answer. It’s a very detailed exam, and some of the questions are tricky,so in order to  answer, one had to know the GBCI Handbook  and Glossary thoroughly. The exam is taken on the computer, but each applicant also gets some draft paper and a pen.

The are 8 types of LEED Professional Credentials, 6 of which are LEED AP : specialized as Building, Design + Construction, Operations & Maintenance, Interior Design & Construction, Homes, Neighborhood Development or LEED AP without specialty and enrollment. A shorter description would be that the Green Associate section is a more general certification, while the AP is much more specific. The maximum score for each of the two parts is 200 points, but in order to get the certification, a minimum of 170 is required. Alinda scored 191 for the GA and 192 for the AP Building, Design + Construction.

Alinda prepared for this test using a variety of methods. The GBCI website offers a lot of useful Resources for all the candidates.  From the Candidate Handbook, to the Glossary or  Chapter Toolkit , everything that an applicant needs to know about the exam is there.

The Application fee is $100, and the Exam taxes are, for the combined LEED GA+AP – $300 for USGBC Members and $450 for Non-members. For taking only the Specialty exam, the fee is $150 or $250, accordingly.

There is, however, an Eligibility requirement for the candidates : they “must have experience in the form of documented involvement on a project registered or certified for LEED”.

A good method of learning about the green building basics is the certification and training platform “Romania Green Building Professional” that started in 2010.  The training program was created in order to provide greater certainty of the abilities of professionals working in construction and related industries toward a sustainable built environment. The courses RoGBC organized in March: LEED 101 – Green Building basics, LEED 102 – Core Concepts and Strategies and in June  – BD+C 251: Understanding the Building Design + Construction  help a lot in understanding of the green building basics, and core concepts and strategies, but also give specific information about the Building Design + Construction LEED Rating Systems .  These LEED courses were valid for credit within the certification and training platform and they were taught by Ms. Vessela Valtcheva-McGee, Triple Green Building Group who has been an LEED AP since 2005.

Congratulations, Alinda !!!

The RoGBC team

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