New legislation for Public Private Partnerships in Romania; smoother path to Building Green?

November 4, 2010 at 7:47 pm | Posted in Legislative Outreach, News from Members | Leave a comment
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The new law that regulates the way public private partnership can be established and run in Romania was published on November 4th . Law nr.178/2010 was expected already by many for at least couple of years.  Without a dedicated legal instrument  Public Private Partnerships were not possible untill now. The section that is regulating the public concessions from OUG.34/2006 was a weak and inneficient substitute for setting up partnerships between public authorities and industry.    There were a lot of challenges between the different stakeholders (industry and public authorities) for reaching an agreement but finally we have a law now. The result is not perfect if we consider the analysis made by Luiza Manolea, active lawyer and member in RoGBC. The methodological norms that are to follow might give some clarity …or not. However this is a beginning and at least now we can start talking about Public Private Partnerships with the public authorities.

Maybe it is no coincidence that this long expected law came in a period of economic downturn. The Public Private Partnerships are great tools for boosting economic development and encouraging innovation  in periods when the budgets of the local  or central public authorities are close to bottom.  Since Green Building projects adress both criteria (stimulate local economic development and encourage innovation) we hope to hear soon about the first innitiatives of Public Private Partnerships that relate with sustainability in construction in Romania.  Establishing Public Private Partnerships represents a  great solution for the public authorities to finance new construction and major rehabilitation of existing buildings and use and implement  green building principles in the same time. There are plenty of sucesfull examples all over the world and not necessarily only in countries with previous tradition in building  high quality, energy efficient buildings with low impact on the environment. In India the CII Sohrabji  Godrej Green Building Center is considered one of the leading examples of Public Private Partnerships  that enabled the widespread green building movement in India.  The European Commision is also using this tool for funding research and development in different areas including buildings.

Looking forward to write about the first examples in Romania….


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