Common metrics for measuring the sustainability performance of buildings

October 15, 2010 at 7:18 pm | Posted in General | Leave a comment

We hear about sustainable buildings everywhere; some of us (hopefully most of us)   like the idea and understand the need to change how we build and operate our buildings and the urgency to shift towards a more sustainable construction environment. However, when it comes for comparing two sustainable buildings or assesing the sustainability of  a property owner’s building protfolio over time there are always questions, “if”‘s , “no, but” and “yes,but”. That is because there was no clear understanding or agreement so far on how we measure the sustainability performance of our buildings. There are different rating tools and sustainability reporting frameworks but no clear consensus.

The Green Property Alliance launched this month the report “Establishing the Ground Rules for Property – Industry wide sustainability metrics” . It is an interim report that aims at bringing clarity around the metrics for sustainability performance of buildings – with a focus on commercial and other non-domestic buildings. The report sets out common sustainability metrics for energy, carbon, water and waste, after comparing  and analysing different measurement systems  that are currently  available.

The results were fed into the wider work of UNEP-SBCI/WGBC and SB-Alliance on defining the Common Carbon Metrics.

It is an important step ahead meant to bring  consistency and clarity around the way in which sustainability performance of buildings is measured and reported upon.


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