Natural insulation from Naturalpaint!

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Naturalpaint brings to Romania an innovative product, very important for the green building market. The product Thermo-Hanf based on hemp is manufactured in Nordlingen/Bayern, Germany.  It is a perfect solution for the attic, between the rafters, and also for the exterior walls.

The thermo-technical properties are impressive. The U value for a thickness of 120 mm is 0.28 [W/m2K]. For the same thickness, the polystyrene plates   have the value 0.40 [W/m2K]. Besides the technical aspects, Thermo-Hanf has obtained numerous certifications from the authorities in Europe and Germany. Being 100% environmental friendly, the embodied energy is minimum 50-90 kWh/mc , on the other end is the insulation based on wood fibers, 600-1500 kWh/mc. Talking about  CO2 emissions, Thermo-Hanf wins again, having a positive balance.  The storage potential for cubic meter is 58,5 kg CO2, and for manufacturing a cubic meter  45,75 kg CO2/mc are released.

All the details about the product and examples of how and where   it was used  you can find here:

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