The Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism has made acreditation for energy auditors more accesible

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The Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism lunched a draft for modifying the Annex of the Law from MLRTP no 550/2003 for approval the technical regulations “Guide for certifying energy auditors for buildings and installations“. The old document in which was presented how  to certify the energy auditors  has been modified. The new guide comes with more details about the process.  We will try to present a summary on chapters in which we will try to clarify the accreditation process regarding the old guide and the changes that were made.

The first chapter “General provision” refers to the specialists who can receive the certificate. They can be both from Romania and also from the European Union.

In the second chapter “The certification of energy auditors for buildings” are presented the levels of certification: AEC I and AEC II, and the activities each one can perform.  This new Law draft makes clear the attributions of each category. AEC II can make audits only for apartments and             one-family buildings.

The third chapter refers to the mandatory documents and conditions for beginning the accreditation.  The submitted files are analyzed by a commission of 3 members. Then is presented a detailed list of all the specialists who can submit for accreditation.  An important detail is that the file should be submitted at most 1 year after finishing the specialized studies. Another important change is the minimum period after you can apply to become an energy auditor. For AEC II is 3 years, from a 6 year period,  and for AEC I is 5 years, from a 10 years period.

In the forth chapter are presented the technical and professional regulations for the certification. The review committees are formed by 7 members, high skill specialists in the construction field.  More details about the examination process and the way the committee evaluates the candidates are presented in the fifth chapter.  Some of the important changes presented in the last chapter are:

–          The applicants that were rejected can ask for a reevaluation after a 6 month period, in the past document the period was 1 year.

–          The rules by which the permit to do the energy audit is cancelled are more severe.

–          The persons which are already accredited as energy auditors can ask for examination for AEC I or AEC II , in a 6 month period after this Law draft is issued.

As a general conclusion. the accreditation process became more facile. Conditions as the necessary seniority or the number of recommendations for submitting the file have changed, for more easy terms, making easier the whole process.  The exam can be held in the big universities around Romania. For the construction and real estate market, the modifications are of support. The investments and transactions in this field won’t be burdened once the energy certificates are approved.

The Order can be viewed here.

Catalin Gauloiu

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