Greener Schools for Romania!

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The RoGBC has gotten very active in promoting Green Schools in Romania. The benefits for promoting sustainability in the design, construction and operations of schools are numerous. For example…studies show children in healthier

Adrian Moisa of RoGBC member company Jetrun EnergoEco and Felicia Ienculescu-Popovici of Greenitiative working together for Green Schools

environments with better lighting, including natural daylight, out-perform their peers academically. School operators receive the benefits of lower energy and other operating costs from better designed facilities. Of course, students who directly interact with sustainable buildings will not only develop a greater appreciation for sustainability but will also influence their parent’s and other members of their household.

Our Green Building Council is promoting this in three actions…

1) Partnering with Greenitiative. Founders Felicia and Marius Ienculescu-Popovici have been strong advocates of green education having conducted education campaigns and demonstrative projects with big plans for the future. The RoGBC has been in discussion with them and will present plans for involving our member companies in Green School renovations and new construction. RoGBC Member companies, including Jetrun EnergoEco and Naturalpaint have already been supporting their actions.

2) Partnering with local schools. The Green Building Council – led by Bogdan Draganescu Ph.D RoGBC Vice President and founder of sustainability consultancy Smart & Pepper, is reviewing selected green projects in local schools to identify cost-effective solutions with the greatest impact for sustainability.

3) Educational Materials. The RoGBC team has produced a educational brochure entitled “Save money with Green Construction” while Chapman Taylor produced a illustrative “What is a Green School” document to visually demonstrate the elements of green design thinking.   We delivered this to selected teachers to pilot test discussions with their students and provide feedback to us on what they will want for the future.

The interest from municipalities, school leadership, parents, and, most enthusiastically, STUDENTS is growing very quickly. Expect to see more action and projects starting in the weeks ahead.

We look forward to your feedback and to hear from more of our members on their involvement in greening Romania’s schools!

The RoGBC Team

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