Schneider Electric helped cutting the CO2 emissions of the Copenhagen summit venue

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If a picture is worth 1.000 words, how many words do you think an energy efficient building makes up for? And it’s not just any building, but the location of the Copenhagen summit, Bella Center. RoGBC member company Schneider Electric helped cutting the CO2 emissions for the site of the UN Climate Change Conference.

To be more exact, the company modernized some technical installations, including the ventilation and cooling systems, 107 circulation pumps and about 2,000 light fittings. 5,268 energy-efficient light tubes were installed and the heating and lightning control system were automated, so that they adjust to fluctuations both indoor and outdoor and take up only the amount of energy needed.

Bella Center is monitored by a building management system that generates hourly reports about the electricity consumption. The Bella Center upgrade prevents about 1,150 tons of CO2 from being emitted every year. Maybe all these numbers don’t seem all that impressive, but think of it this way: the emissions that were avoided by Schneider Electric through the energy efficient system in Bella Center would be equal to about 7 million kilometers on the road in your car. Not bad, is it?

That is Schneider Electric’s way of encouraging the debate in Copenhagen and expressing hope that it will leave behind some revelations on how to save the planet, or at least get on the right track by reducing the CO2 emissions and protecting the environment more than before.

Read more about the retrofitting of the Bella Center on, the online Schneider Electric Building Energy online community.

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