Expopastoralis Annual Event

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The annual event „Expopastoralis” will take place between the 11th and the 13th of September, in Rucar, Arges county. This event involves several thousand people, most of them from an area including the attractive tourism destinations Bran, Moeciu, Sirnea, and the city of Campulung Muscel and its neighboring area. The media visibility of the event involves several transmission hours in the local television (Muşcel TV), plus occasional transmissions from other TV stations. The local authorities are interested to be positioned on the touristic map in Romania and could collaborate for future green positioning on their area.

The Star Dome prototype

The Star Dome prototype

The member company Star Dome is demonstrating its prototype located in the immediate proximity with the stadium where the event takes place, at roughly 50m from the stage, with direct access to the stadium. The prototype will be exhibited throughout the period, with free public access.

Star Dome is offering to the member companies of the Romania Green Building Council the possibility to provide brochures for the event that will be displayed without cost. Companies can also arrange a larger display of banners, products and/services solutions (within the limits of an outdoor area of 500 sqm, and an indoor area of 40 sqm) and should contact Star Dome directly to discuss the arrangement and potential costs.

In addition, the Rucar Star Dome prototype can become a permanent open platform for demonstration and testing of various green solutions and materials, as well as an exhibition place with the occasion of the regional and local events, in particular, the annual „Expopastoralis”.

Please contact Mr. Florin Dobrescu, at +40(0)723 612 174 or florin.dobrescu@rogbc.org to discuss all details. Everyone, of course, is invited to attend the Expo in Rucar!

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