Impressions from the RoGBC Green Cafe

July 17, 2009 at 2:56 pm | Posted in Events | Leave a comment

green cafeWith a room full of people, the July edition of the Green Cafe marked a successful start of a discussion session the RoGBC plans to hold this summer. Following this month’s edition addressing the future of green buildings, the August edition will focus on urbanization and adaptive reuse of buildings.

For those of you interested, but unable to join us in this month’s Green Cafe, here is a short summary of what happened at the meeting.

To ignite the debate over the possibility of greening the future Romania, we watched two inspiring short documentaries. The first one, “Deeper Shades of Green” demonstrated the need for integrating eco-principles into the building habits, by showcasing successful high-class examples of intelligent buildings.

Identifying the path from the current Romanian market state and the ideals promoted by the documentary was the catalyst of the discussion. A dominating idea during the debate was that one of the present challenges for Romanians is to succeed in fitting high intellectual needs – like having a green home – in the nation’s priorities, while succeeding in satisfying the basic needs too. The second documentary provided excellent insight on this particular subject by supplying the example of the old Harlem. The short movie, called “Build”, also presented modular homes as an energy efficient alternative to traditional homes and highlighted the possibility of growing one’s home as a futuristic option.

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