Demonstrative workshop with Naturalpaint

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Last Friday, May 22, the RoGBC hosted a demonstrative workshop conducted by the ecological paints supplier Naturalpaint. The participants were able to assist a short presentation about the advantages of using natural paints and had the opportunity to test the products themselves, on different types of surfaces.

As the Naturalpaint representatives answered all the questions that arose during the demonstration, the discussion went from the usefulness of the 100% natural ingredients to the price of the products, but also to the collaboration opportunities.

Lehel Lucacz, commercial director for Naturalpaint, draw the participants’ attention to the fact that ecological paints are an intelligent alternative to traditional synthetic paints, firstly because of the advantages they present to health. In this context, Lucacz recommended the use of natural paints especially for painting children’s rooms, given the fact that their health can be very fragile during the first months of life. Hans-Christian Petersen, general director of Naturalpaint, also brought into the discussion the health of the workers that need to be protected from daily inhaling the vapors emitted by synthetic paints.

“What is even more”, says Lucacz, „natural paints are environmentally friendly, since the raw materials they have in their composition originate from renewable sources and are prepared according to simple procedures that do not produce toxic remains.”

„It is true that the prices are higher than in the case of traditional paints“ Lehel Lucacz said, but reminded also that the capacity of surface covering is also higher. Petersen added that „being exclusively produced in the German factory, the Naturalpaint products are marked by the renowned German quality.“

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