Launch of the EEB report: Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Transforming the Market

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EEB ReportThe World Business Council for Sustainable Development ‘Energy Efficiency in Buildings’ research project member companies provided speaker’s to last year’s “Build Green CEE” conference in Bucharest.  This research is the next installment of their comprehensive study.

The new modeling by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) shows how energy use in buildings can be cut by 60 percent by 2050 – essential to meeting global climate change targets – but this will require immediate action to transform the building sector. This is the central message of the report from the WBCSD’s four-year, $15 million Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) research project, the most rigorous study ever conducted on the subject.

The research took a bottom-up, market-driven approach to understanding the barriers to lower energy use, based on the most detailed view ever of the current state of energy demand in buildings. Energy use by building type was analyzed for millions of existing and new buildings and projected out to 2050, accounting for differences such as climate and building design. Using computer simulations, researchers were able to show the market response to various combinations of financial, technical, behavioral and policy options, identifying the optimum mix to achieve transformation for each market studied. The project’s resulting report makes six principle recommendations:

  • Strengthen building codes and energy labeling for increased transparency.
  • Incentivize energy-efficient investments.
  • Encourage integrated design approaches and innovations.
  • Develop and use advanced technology to enable energy-saving behavior.
  • Develop workforce capacity for energy saving.
  • Mobilize for an energy-aware culture.

The EEB report is available for download here:

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