What are some specific activities?

February 4, 2009 at 2:45 pm | Posted in FAQ | Leave a comment
  • Training for the construction industry for green building principles
  • Awareness Building for the greater community of the benefits of green buildings (including supporting the WWF’s “Climate Caravan” with information on “how to green your home while saving money”.)
  • Legislative Outreach to encourage to adoption and implementation of legislation promoting greater environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in Romanian buildings. (the RoGBC is supporting the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and green procurement requirements.)
  • Support and implement pilot projects to demonstrate the viability of the next generation of high performance green buildings, low-energy and zero energy buildings. (the RoGBC is currently supporting the development of pilot projects for low and zero energy buildings and will release information when authorized by the project partners)
  • Promote networking among professionals within the green building industry
  • Conduct and disseminate actionable research on green building principles (see www.RoGBC.org for more information)
  • Support government, civil society, and private businesses in joint efforts to promote the sustainable development of Romania (the RoGBC provided input for Romania’s National Strategy for Sustainable Development).
  • Support academic programs to increase the emphasis on green principles in architectural, engineering, urban planning, business, and other related disciplines. (the RoGBC offered a significant number of scholarships to students and professors to today’s training and will develop a monthly lecture series).

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