RoGBC Associate Memberships for academics

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Full time students and professors are eligible to become an “associate member” of the RoGBC by providing 80 hours of service to the RoGBC in exchange for a one year membership.   We have identified and will continue to identify projects useful for meeting the RoGBC and our member companies’ objectives.  Members can suggest projects we should include in this initiative.

The procedure:

– submit a resume/CV

– submit a cover describing your intentions for joining the RoGBC, what you feel you could contribute to the council, and on which types of projects you would like to work.

Below are two sample 80 hour projects that will satisfy the requirements to become an associate member….  The work must be suitable for publishing, include the latest available technologies and/or techniques in green building,  and needs to include 80 hours of new effort… not republishing existing work.   This work result must also be action oriented… not just a theoretical exploration.

Expenses can be reimbursed but will be decided on a case by case basis.

Project 1

– Review BREEAM and LEED standards for offices
– Create an inventory of “green construction related courses” throughout Romania’s Universities, Research Institutions, Training Companies, etc.
– Provide analysis on the suitability of each course toward the latest green standards
– Provide recommendations for how the RoGBC can best promote sustainable construction working with Romanian Universities

Project 2 (can be one or two people…it could be, for example, a business student with an architectural professor or student)

Purpose – Provide analysis to promote green products, materials, technology,

– Choose  a subject area (e.g. Green Roofs, Energy Efficient Lighting, GeoThermal application in Buildings, Integration of Traditional Building Styles with Modern Applications, etc.)
– Prepare a paper that describes the market and economic opportunities, employment opportunities, barriers, expected results, existing and projected installations, existing government funding, desired government funding, recommended approach.

Please send questions and/or your resume and CV to

Thank you for your interest.

Steven Borncamp, Romania Green Building Council

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